2012 Atlantis : It Really Existed?

History of Atlantis

Atlantis: Purpose and Creation

Atlantis Civilization on Land and Water

Emergence of Young Atlanteans

When i went to my uncle’s place when i was young i discovered books about the afterlife. That made me question this life. I was confused and i asked myself, “why is everything hidden from me and everyone? My dad who is catholic  always told me “have faith, don’t ask too many questions, just trust in God.” WTF. That was when i really questioned faith. I knew faith cannot give me answers about life. I have to look at what is really going on here in this world. I somehow knew there was something wrong about this world i just don’t know what. But as i look, i can see that pre-programming was possible.

When i grew older i investigated the Draconian race, the Reptilians etc. I was first scared because it looked like they posed a threat to human civilization. Then i investigated the Atlantean race. The story said that their civilization existed in water, but that was all that  was said. Nothing was said about how they existed etc.The story that their civilization existed in water made me  investigate their existence, where and when they existed and how they are different from humans. Unfortunately, nothing much was written on the subject. I guess no one really knew because no one had a first hand account so they really cannot say much of who they were and how they really lived.

When i listened to the Atlantean female interview, (Click on the link)  Atlantean Female Interview , i was “amazed”. I heard her talk about the emergence of young Atlanteans, crystals, how their civilization existed and what i enjoyed was when she was talking about how they die. I enjoyed this video and i recommend it to everyone.

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