Reptilians – The Emergence of Anu – Part 1 MP3

Reptilians – The Emergence of Anu – Part 1 MP3


This is a continuation and expansion of the Series “History of Mankind”.
Walking the History of Mankind – this time, a being from each Race will share their story of how they existed before the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind, together-with the role/part they played in the consequences as sequences of events that played-out and eventually lead-to the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind.
In this First interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race stars sharing the History of Himself and his Race – starting with his experience of oneness with emerging as birthing from within existence and how, as a young being within existence – he already started questioning the beliefs the races held of where it is they came from, who they really are…

Reptilians Interview Series:

Reptilians – The Emergence of Anu – Part 1
Reptilians – The Road Ahead – Part 2
Reptilians – Am I God – Part 3
Reptilians – The Young Inquisitive Anu – Part 4
Reptilians – Sex and Relationships in Existence – Part 5
Reptilians – How I Veiled the Atlanteans – Part 6

Atlanteans Series Links:

Atlanteans – The Beginning – Part 1
Atlanteans – Purpose and Creation – Part 2
Atlanteans – Civilization on land and water – Part 3
Atlanteans – The Emergence of Young Atlanteans – Part 4
Atlanteans – The Beginning of the END – part 5
Atlanteans – The Merging – Part 6
Atlanteans – The Evolution of Separation – Part 7
Atlanteans – Seeing Here – Part 8
Atlanteans – The Cross – Part 9
Atlanteans – The Decision – Part 10
Atlanteans – The Friction – Part 11
Atlanteans – Isolation – Part 12
Atlanteans – Controlling Time – Part 13
Atlanteans – Establishing Individuality – Part 14
Atlanteans – Creating Relationships – Part 15
Atlanteans – The Change of Purpose – Part 16
Atlanteans – Atlanteans Resisting Change – Part 17

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