Anu Interviews

Reptilians – The Emergence of Anu – Part 1 MP3

The Sumerian Tablets offer a History of Man written in stone much older than any of the accepted history manipulated by kings and Religions over time.

Here is a story seldom considered that will challenge your Common Sense and engage you to consider the image and likeness of your imperfection with astounding answers that will accumulate in revelation and revolutionary transformation that will take your life to heights unexplored.
Reptilians Interview Series:

Reptilians – The Emergence of Anu
Reptilians – The Road Ahead
Reptilians – Am I God
Reptilians – The Young Inquisitive Anu
Reptilians – Sex and Relationships in Existence
Reptilians – How I Veiled the Atlanteans
Reptilians – The Question
Reptilians – How to Manipulate
Reptilians – History does not Exist
Reptilians – If I could do it So can You
Reptilians – The Quantum Time Illusion
Reptilians – The Death and Rebirth of Self
Reptilians – The Promise of Eternal Life
Reptilians – The Purpose of Spirituality for Me
Reptilians – WHO is the MIND
Reptilians – Test Your Enlightenment – Reverse your Self-Awareness
Reptilians – Anu confirms the Jesus Message
Reptilians – The Obvious Secret – Reality or Illusion
Reptilians – Life Map to the Kingdom of Heaven
Reptilians – Guidelines through the Maze of the World-System
Reptilians – A Visitor
Reptilians – Be Still and Know – I am God
Reptilians – Breath the Answer to Life
Reptilians – Relationships as Illusion of Control
Reptilians – The Human Picture – Part 25
Reptilians – Engineering God – Part 26
Reptilians – Either Life or Death – Part 27
Reptilians – Where is Life – Part 28
Reptilians – The Fear of Change – Part 29
Reptilians – Why Energy exists in the Mind and Physical
Reptilians – Time-Creation in the Mind and the Physical – Part 31
Reptilians – Time is Consequence – Part 32

Reptilians – The Mind as the Spider’s Web – Part 33

Reptilians – Why we can’t Hear the Sound of the Physical-Part34

Reptilians – Why do Relationships Exist- Part35

Reptilians – Facing The Question of ‘Who I Am’- Part36

Reptilians – Am I Real- Part 37

Reptilians – How Hope Creates Hell – Part 38 

Reptilians – Sex and Eternal Life – Part 39

Reptilians – Where does Relationships come from – Part 40

Reptilians – The Future of Consequence – Part 41

Reptilians – Giving up Knowledge for Life – Part 42

Reptilians – Patience, and how to Live it – Part 43

Reptilians – My fear companion – Part 44

Reptilians – The Split between two Worlds – Part 45

About FEAR:

Reptilians – My  Fear of Aloneness – Part 46

Reptilians – Why Love is so Addictive – Part 47

About WORDS:

Reptilians – Existence in a Word – Part 48

Reptilians – The Responsibility of Words – Part 49

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