2012 How I was Able To Hear The Desteni Message

How I Was Able to Hear the Desteni Message PDF


Why is the Desteni Message so important? Why must it
be heard? It’s plain to see that we as humanity have for
eons been existing as the same repeating cycles of abuse
and suffering over and over, and have come to just accept
it that that’s ‘how life is’ – the Message of Desteni is
that there is Another Way – that we do not have to accept
and allow the world and humanity to exist as it currently
does, in endless cycles of abuse – through changing Ourselves as Humanity, as it’s Us that manifest this world as how it currently exists.

No other message has ever told it like it is, within exposing what we’re actually accepting and allowing to exist in this world and that we as humanity are actually responsible,as each and every human being that is here, as it’s all of us together that create this world ‘how it is’.

No one in this world is showing us the real truth – the
media, the education system, the government, religion
– none are actually addressing the real problem in this
world – which is that we as humanity have separated
ourselves within a system that forces us to compete with
one another just to survive, rather than work together in
a way that’s best for all life. The message here is that we
do not have to accept and allow the world and ourselves
to exist this way.

So many of us spend our lives searching for answers to
all the important questions in life and not finding anything that effectively explains what’s actually going on
in this world, and within ourselves. What are thoughts?
Why do we have them? What are these emotions and
feelings I’m experiencing? Why is there such a turmoil
inside me that seems mirror the turmoil in the outside
world? Is there anything I can do to change how I experience myself, or am I stuck this way forever? Why do
relationships fail? We’ve been waiting for some common
sense answers, in a world that seems devoid of them.
But these answers do exist, it’s just that no one is speaking them, because it means actually facing who we are and what we’ve become, and most of the current institutions
we look to for answers are too much invested in the way
things are, they don’t want the human to change, and
thus aren’t supporting humanity with the common sense
perspectives that would actually assist as individuals and
as a group as one, to grow, expand and develop into
our full potential, where who knows what’s possible.
This is why Desteni is here – to assist ourselves as humanity by spreading the message that we can in fact change, and no longer be enslaved to our accepted Nature, as Who We’ve Become – but can change and transform
ourselves into who and what humanity truly should be –
the Custodians of Life who consider what’s Best for All,
and create a world of equals where life is enjoyed and
no one suffer.

Now how is it possible to hear such a message when
everything in one’s reality is geared toward avoiding
self responsibility, deceiving as to what the actual cause
of the world’s problems are, and training humans to become
complacent consumerists who, trapped within the
fear of survival, ‘take what they can get’ while half the
population suffers in extreme poverty? Find out within the
soon to be released book “How I Was Able to Hear the
Desteni Message”, where you’ll read over 100 personal
stories of some of those who have heard the Desteni Message.

You’ll be fascinated to see how people from ‘all
walks of life’ – from successful and wealthy, to ‘spat out
by the system’ – have been able to hear the message and
see the common sense presented, and finally found the
answers to all those burning questions, which were really
here all along, someone just needed to point them out.
So stay tuned for the Book due to be released in March
– and find out just what it was in their life experiences
that assisted them to hear the Desteni Message. Follow
along with them on their journeys through life looking for
answers, and see if you can hear the Desteni Message

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