The Design of Desire

Day 30: The design of desire


existence in the shattered mirror
Within our pre-programmed designs we accept and allow manifestations of less than life within and as ourselves, where we separate ourselves from what is here in every breath thus creating polarity designs as expressions of ourselves.
This separation of life creates and manifests desires within and as ourselves where we are in constant search of fulfilment, seeking wholeness in external experiences, never quite able to satisfy the desires that we had accepted and allowed ourselves to manifest through our acceptances and allowances of separation as pre-programmed designs.
We for instance see intimacy in a relationship and desire to have it ourselves as we have separated ourselves from the expression of intimacy within and as ourselves. What we desire to have are thus expressions that we have not accepted and allowed ourselves to express and expressions of ourselves, which we then seek out in external experiences to give to us that which we had separated ourselves from.
Within the commercialised industry we have commoditized our desires into products, where the products represent fulfilment of specific desires within and as ourselves. Those new pair of shoes will make me ‘feel’ accepted; that new car will give me ‘respect’. We off course do not think like this, but when you follow the experience that the product gives you, you will always find that there is a self-fulfilment point that self is seeking to satisfy within and as oneself by having / getting the product that is advertised / promoted to give this experience to oneself.
The reason why the consumer industry functions so well is that we can never be fulfilled within and as ourselves by buying the products that represent these points within and as ourselves that we have separated ourselves from and as, as we were the ones that separated ourselves from these points within and as ourselves in the first place, and no matter how many products we buy – It is never enough to satisfy the desire – as the desire remains within and as ourselves. A new product fills the separation within and as ourselves temporarily, but tomorrow that product is old and the desire remains.

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