My Agreement Blogs

My Blogs

2012 Freebies


2012 Sleep

2011 When Disagreements of 2 Personalities Are Not Real


The Story of Mr Z


Why Can’t We Express Both Male and Female In The Way We Dress?

2011 Movie Review : The Hangover

2011 How Do I Assist and How Do I Get Assisted?

2011 The Monk and Self-forgiveness

2011 Smile and Self-expression

2011 Church and Self-forgiveness

2011 Random Acts of Madness : Putting Salsa On The Face

2011 I Don’t Like To See You As A Man Dressed As A Woman

2011 L’s Uncle

2011 Will You Marry Me: L’s Brother Proposing

2011 Disagreements from Having 2 Realities That Are Not Real

2011 Physical Interaction Within An Agreement

2011 Proof That What I was Thinking Was Not Real

2011 I Can’t assist My Dad In His Process

2011 l’s Fight With His Friend

2011 L and I Have The Same Point

2011 I Proved That What I Was Thinking Was Not real

2011 My Mom and My Process: My Mom Did Not Greet Me On My Birthday

2011 L’s Uncle In The Restaurant

2011 L’s Brother : Fb Post

2011 L’s Uncle:  Raw Food

2011 L’s Brother: When Schedule Run Our Lives

2011: L’s Female Coworker

2011 Physical Interaction With/As Music

2011: Real aand Covert Kiss

2011 “I Miss Dallas’

2011 Different Kinds of Relationships

2011 Self-forgiveness on 2 Opposite Polarities

2011 This is Intense

2011 Physical Interaction and Breath

2011 Self-forgiveness Within Physical Interaction

2011 Music One and Equal As Me: Mind Patterns

2011 Massage Body Sensations: First Physical Interaction

2011 He Came Home Late: Beliefs Self-Forgiven as Memories Came Up

2011 24 Yrs Age Difference and That Which Doesn’t Change

2011 After Ending Agreement: New Equality Agreement Manifesto

2011 Self-dishonesty

2011 Let’s Transcend the Points and Work For What Is Best For All

2011 Network Marketting Exploiting People’s Desires

2011 That’s It: Ending an Agreement Within An Agreement

2011 If You Don’t Stop This Agreement Is Off

2011 It’s L’s Birthday

2011 We Are In A Relationship Without Emotions

2011 I do Not Like To Ask Him

2011 I Fear Intimacy


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