Word Technology




When we see words clearly as what they truly are,  we can look at the definition of the word,

We can release the limit within the word.

Take the word “salad” for example,

We can expand the definition of the word.

Here’s how i expanded the meaning of the word “Salad”



Instead of being afraid that the rubber band will snap and hurt our hands in the process, when we expand it to the utmost we get to express ourselves in an expanded way.

When we suppress our innate natural expression in preparing a salad, we get stressed in our mind. Deep within, we know there are limits we impose on ourselves.

Rather than put our body in stress by suppressing our expression, we can release the fear and instead relax and breathe.

This way, our expression can shine through, opening the door to make salads that make sense – to where we can prepare a salad that can benefit our body to the utmost within practical eating, considering what ingredients are available where we are and what ingredients our body accepts..

Instead of having a list of salads other people made and buying recipe books that we do not use and giving up on ourselves, we can learn about what food preparation means.

First we look at the definition of the word “food”. Then, we will look at what the word “salad” means. Then, we can open other doors in front of us – revealing an expansive view of life.


June Roca

Speaker, Author, Health Coach and Educator


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