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25) Will there be banks in an Equal Money System – FAQ


FAQ: Will there be banks in an Equal Money System? One would assume that money and banking goes together, but in an equal money system it doesn’t. Because banks is purely being a service provider that has made money through controlling the movement of money. There is now no longer a profit incentive or reason within a system which is an equal money system. So therefore the banking system will no longer exist. The banking building could be quite cool in terms of a community center, where one work to support each other to have a functional effective community. But because the money per say will not be owned – he only thing that will be owned will be life – money and Equal money will purely be the logistical system that is used in the allocation of resources at an individual and a global scale.


Join us to learn more about what it means to be truly free, free from the voice in the head that has been programmed into you to make you a good consumer slave. So that you can see, if you are free from the voice, there is another voice you’ve missed which is the voice of life. Now it’s time to reconnect and interconnect and to become truly one and equal as life, at Desteni.


26) Will chemicals still be produced – Equal money FAQ


FAQ: Will chemicals still be produced, like skincare products for instance? Have a look at the composition of this world, even at the composition of your physical body — it all exists out of chemicals. Everything here is a chemical, everything on this plane of existence has a place on a chemical table and the chemicals go into relationships, and according to these relationships things are formed. So therefore there will be chemicals.


What is natural? Natural is a word that comes from consumerism. All chemicals are natural. Some of it we have found by braking down relationships within chemicals, and created new relationships, which then get names like: plastic.

So everything in essence is natural. What is best for the skin if it is necessary, will be provided. But the skin is a self-functioning living being, and therefore functions according to is relationship in terms of its environment. If you introduce a substance like skincare into the environment in the skin, the skin will change it’s functionality. So therefore you will find, that if you allow the skin to function by its own responsibility, in most cases the skin can function quite effectively by itself. And you don’t even need a natural products. The fact of products per say, is specifically designed and introduced within a capitalistic consumerism system, for some to make profit and for other to be slaves. If you prefer to remain a slave to skincare products because you believe that it means something, you have a serious religious problem. Because you have created the skincare religion, and the skincare religion is definitely suggested to not be a religion worth following. In the case of baby skin. Baby skin in itself is effective with self care. And if you look at, I have brought up some children, if you have a allergic reaction it’s normally to an external point your introducing. So if you use one of these magic nappies of the new age, which is just slap on an strap on. You may find some skins reacting to that. If you change that to cotton for instance then you’ll find it doesn’t react. It depends on what soap your using. Obviously we will do our very best on your part of the we, remember now when I say “we” its everyone. We will do our best to make sure that that which is best for all is available. If a child has a skin problem then the necessary care will be taken.

But skin care, from the perspective that your skin is ineffective, and not designed to be what is best for you, that is self sabotage. And I would suggest one does not entertain such self defeating behavior. Read all about the freedom blogs, and get yourself free from your skincare religion. Join us at Desteni.


27) Who will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System FAQ


FAQ: Who will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System. The whole slaving concept of rubbish removing will obviously no longer exist and consumption will be completely different to what it is now, where you have lots of rubbish because things are packaged in ways to advertised, things are made to be consumed and not last and break. And therefore rubbish piles up because it is the result of a system of consumerism, and of a system of profit and loss. You can only have profit if you have loss, and part of that loss is things that don’t last but break . it is the packaging that is unnecessary, it is the absolute abuse that is perpetuated by capitalism and loss and consumerism.


So none of those things will exist. Packaging will be in the environmental friendly way that it should be at all times. And every person would be educated as part of their basic life skills how to recycle. Recycling will be expected. Therefore, what rubbish will remain? In fact, very little. And therefore each person, normally per week or month will take their recyclable parts in the appropriate containers for appropriate kind with kind to a collection point for recycling. As the impact of any part of wasting, will be fully grasped. Because we will have properly educated people. Currently there is absolutely no concern or consideration for anything but consumption, and throw away what you don’t use. Or buying in your face fraudulent products with a big box and only half of it full of product. And you have to read the fine print because apparently you are responsible, and if you don’t read it… you apparently have a choice, but in fact your being deceived. And the very corporation that put it on the shelves on the shops are responsible for what they are presenting, because they have an obligation which they don’t exercise. And therefore all the secrecy we have now will no longer exist. You will know exactly where your food comes from, how to recycle and why, and what you will have will be in such a form that you’ll be able to use it all with very little needed to be recycled. With no wastage, no abuse and no bright and beautiful pictures boxes to advertise and sell to you unethically nonsense, as if it is the truth. It’s like the whole organic thing in the world, it’s not really organic but the word does it all. And now you see how the big boys jump on the band wagon. And some of those organic people that were so well spoken, will sell out their share to the big boys. Many have done it already. And they will claim they have done a good thing, because they are saving this and that. You are not saving anything, your making a profit and you don’t have a real solution. The real solution is the equality system, equal money system – where it will bring an end to the rubbish remover in any way, it wont exist.


So, many different types of employment that now exist under strange ways such as “rubbish remover”, which is just another name for slave, will no longer exist. And we will bring an end to slavery in any way.


Join us, in the quest to freedom.

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28) What will happen to the media in an Equal Money System – FAQ


FAQ: What will happen to the media in an Equal Money System? Media is all about me, me is all about we, we is all about all of us, what’s best for all. So what will be best for all as we and as me? How will we communicate? Will we use magazines and newspapers and cut down the forests just to entertain ourselves? Or will we look at other ways of sharing information? How will we make sure that the information is in fact the truth, validated?


Obviously we will have a very fun system, because your successful living within an Equal money system will depend on the correct information you supply. If you do not supply correct information you will be exposing yourself to forms of possible corrections. Because you will indicate that you have a mental disorder. You have some strange fears that is not real, that you make so powerful that it takes over what information you share. And therefore you’re a liar and a cheat. A there will be consequence – because we will have to assist you so that you’ll understand that such an act will bring about a problem in the planning of it all. And if 10 thousand people understate their specific position, 10 thousand or more people and not necessary you, other people will suffer because you lie and cheat and did not supply correct information.


So therefore we will have a central way of supplying information, and you will be able to subscribe to what type of news or entertainment would you like to participate in. And you will be able to give input on that. And you will do it with the full understanding that if you do not do something self-honestly, correct, in fact – there is a consequence for someone. And it won’t be you, it will be somebody else. But we will have the origin when it is investigated of who spreads lies. And as you’ve grown up and as you expect from your own children not to spread lies . I mean this is quite a common sense approach isn’t it. Every parent expects from their children to never lie. So this will be expected from everyone. Even the parents. Don’t lie and there will be no problem.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a society where me-dia and we-dia is in fact the truth? So that you can make informed decisions that is best for all. That is going to be quite a story you know, because we have a lot of liars in this world . If you look at the research, there are 3 lies every ten minutes in an average persons thoughts alone . And a person is not even willing to consider that reality , or willing to change that. Which is shown as we are showing to what extent the lies exist ,a nd how for instance the Desteni message is changed and lied about. And how easy it is for a person to look you in the eye and lie and pretend that it’s the truth.


There will have to be some changes isn’t it, in the human consciousness, the big con that’s going on. So get out of the con and get into reality. Realizing that we are only as effective in this world as is our information and knowledge. If our information and knowledge is not exact there are going to be problems. If it is exact we can make the best decisions for all. Make sure you remember that and that you always do what is best for all. Because there is a consequence, and the consequences may not come to you. And as this world shows, it may come to your children or their children or their children… which is the 7 generations of sins. Who lied 7 generations ago? That we ended up in the current political economical system in this world. Our fore-bearers lied and participated in lies, and therefore we are bearing the brand of the consequence. But we have a responsibility, we are here, we accepted it and we must change it and stop it. We must be the media, the medium through which everything is change. Join us, equal money. The freedom blogs is here.


29) Will we have enough energy to produce electricity for all


FAQ Will we have enough energy to produce electricity for all in the world? Currently most of the energy in the world is spent on creating multiple brands of consumer products. That will no longer exists as we will have products that is equal and that last and thus function effectively, and that is well presented. Therefore we’re going to have a massive drop in basic resource use. And therefore we are going to have more than sufficient energy. Because also the products made will be made in the most energy sufficient way possible. And therefore a lot less energy will be used, because the products will be so efficient and effective.


And we’ll obviously do a lot of research based on creating a world where longevity in every way becomes a way of life, even for the humans. And therefore energy will not be in short supply, it will be used according to need, not just according to greed. Join us.


30) Will borders exist in an Equal Money System?


FAQ Will borders exist in an equal money system? No borders will not exist. You will be life equally on earth — you will have regions where one will have particular cultural influences, but all will be able to travel freely through areas. All will be able to swap living in one place, with swopping in living in another. So such borders won’t exist, but what will exist is that which is best for all. So therefore, any movement or actions that cause an imbalance will immediately raise a red flag, and there will be intervention to make sure that there is no harm and that what is best for all takes place.


So for all practically purposes remember this: what will be best for all will be the law, breath by breath, for everyone. There for all groups and the whole world and all living things.


And those with the capacity to implement and understand and implement what is best for all, will be the ones responsible to do so. So the greater your intellect or awareness, the greater your responsibility. That is how it will work. Your service will be greater, and it will be require of you to make sure that what is best for all is always here.


Join us, to prepare yourself for an age where life is valued. Freedom blogs I here.


31) Will Bill Gates still be Bill Gates?


FAQ Will Bill Gates still be Bill Gates within and equal money system? No obviously not, because Bill Gates currently has an understanding that he owns something and that because of his ownership and because of his financial power he has certain powers to make decisions or to influence decisions. And is part of cooperation where there are certain rules in terms of how decision making is done, which is based on profit, not on what is best for all. Microsoft as such, or any form of operating system, will change substantially in Equal money system, because it will no longer be driven by or the need to be updated regularly pure in the sake of profit. An upgrade would be a measure of excellence. And the formal operating systems on personal computers will be equal for all, that means it will be the best for all and there will be only one operating system – the best one.


Bill gates will no longer have to concern himself about making billions. He will have to find, other passed times and maybe within himself find true benevolence, and become a real support in change in the world. Or maybe he will try and benefit from the position he created through money and apparent control. From a corporate perspective.


None of that will be valid within an Equal money system, because everything will belong to everyone. Even when you are the inventor, or the one that placed the point together. You will not do it for yourself, you will do it for the best of all. That will be true endeavor, that will be love thy neighbor as yourself. That will be the future of an Equal money system. That is what everyone knows in fact it should have been. But you have not had the guts to do. It is now time to realize it is time to support and Equal money system. Because even the greatest monsters in our current system have no reason of being, because you were not based on that which is best for all or based on what is love thy neighbor as yourself. You were based on profit, you’re based on control. You are based on deliberately managing and directing developments, in ways to make profit instead of doing it in a way that supports all in the best way possible. That in itself questions your moral standards, and the moral standards of Bill Gates, did he act in a way that is best for all.


Join us.


32) Compulsory education for all? — Equal money FAQ


FAQ: Compulsory education for all… Will it be an obligation? Look at your own life. You were born without a language, without the ability to calculate, communicate, read and write — all of it you had to be taught. And if you were not taught that and you refused that education, who would have been at the loss? You would. And look how many people in this world refuse education, they refuse to be helped because there ego is so big because they believe they can do it themselves. You can’t teach yourself these things. These things exist because somebody knew about it before you. And therefore you can never be first when it comes to language, to mathematics, to science, to words, to thinking, to writing, reading.. there has always been someone before you on everything, that can be known as already knowing. All that can change is the relationships between things. It’s like, we propose a new relationship, the relationship of equality. Because the current relationship that exist between people is one of slavery. There is a master and a servant. It is not acceptable because it causes a whole world system like that. We propose an Equal system, and therefore the obligation would be, for each to be taught and become the best that they can be . And to realize that there is different learning abilities. But that only means that some take more time than other to learn exactly the same thing. Therefore everyone, can actually be equally educated in the basics like readings, writing, mathematics… whatever tickles your fancy. It will be available if it makes sense and is not just ego.


And obviously we will with our research to be published the next 10 years in terms of the physical psychology, we’ll be able to measure a person’s psychological state. If you go into ego, and there is an energetic pattern that shows abuse, that shows backchat, we’ll be able to measure it physically. And that means you’ll have to correct yourself in the face of the evidence.


So, obligation in terms of education is of paramount importance in any system. It has not been done in the current system and therefore has created more slaves. If everybody were equally educated this system as it now exist would not have existed. And you can already see that in the riots that’s happening – many of those that are participating are highly educated. They cant get jobs, simply because there is not enough people with any form of economic power because they don’t have the education to create economic power. And we have reached a saturation point in many ways, in terms of what is available. Therefore education has to be something completely new. And the primary subjects will have to be something like reading, writing, speaking, music, environmental studies, science, probably some parenting but parenting would come a bit later. Because although playing around in the realm of sexuality may be great fun, one will have to bring to bare a clear understanding of that early on, in terms of the consequences of it. And make it a natural point because it’s only when you make something illegal, where more people want to do it. Once it is a natural part of your existence , nobody questions it. It’s like debt in the world. Debt in the world is actually illegal, because there is fraud happening while it’s happening – it’s a false statement that’s being made. But everybody has accepted it as the truth and therefore it exists. But in fact it’s a lie, and it has enslaved billions. But nobody questions it because it’s accepted as part of their life : “I can’t exist unless I have debt, and if I’m in trouble I must get more debt”. It’s not how it works. Anyway, education will be a key to equality. Join us.


33) Who decides the prices of products and services?


FAQ: Who decides the prices of products and services? In an Equal money system there will be no prices of products or services. In the BIG (Basic Income Grant) age you will still have products and services and they will correlate with the basic income. So that there is parity and equality within that context. But eventually it will become an Equal money system which means that pricing and product and value will be irrelevant, as life will be the only value. And everything else will be in the service of life, and each will have equal access to it, in a way you will decide whether you actually want something in your life or not. And if available, it will be available to all that want it equally. And there will thus be a parity, and you’ll be able to participate in the decision making of that.


Obviously it will exist because there are people that would like it to exist, and is doing labor as a form of love. The basic labor will be part of a conscription system where the youth will be integrated into a society management system. And they will be part of the production of food and related products and services. And there reward will be to socially interact with peers and become a fully developed human. And have great fun and parties, having the opportunity to truly explore what it means to be a human, in an environment that is protected. And where one can interact and find eventually your life mate.


It will be the era and time in a youths life, where they will have the oyster in their hand, with every peer there – so that equals can decide who will live together. That is the dream of every youngster, to have a whole world in front of you and all the choice as possible. And that is what a conscription will give, great fun . Those that have been in such communal type of scenario’s, in universities and so on and studies, will know what I’m talking about when I’m saying “great fun”. Because you are of equal age and of equal interest, and you function around a directive principle and then you have fun. Similar to studying at university, it is really great fun.


So that will be how one will actually develop the social needs for the youngsters, through a form of conscription.


Anyway, freedom blogs, that’s where you’ll find out more.

Equalmoney.org is where the forum is.


34) What will happen to people who don’t correct themselves?


FAQ: What will happen to a person that do not correct themselves when they have support from the professional psychologists and so on within an equal money system? If a person is a threat to the good living, the good will and lives of other living things on the planet – and it is unknown what is causing it, it may be a physical dysfunction. Such a person will be kept behind locked door, for the persons own protection. Because the citizens will see such a person as threat and therefore it will be unwise to allow somebody who is a danger to others, to be part of the system. And therefore for their own protection, they will be kept under supervision – and research will be done to find ways to support them to be able to be integrated within the general population, the general society of equality once again.

We will never let somebody rot away. It will become the endeavor and objective to make sure that all quality of life is in fact equal life.


To find out more about and Equal society with Equal money, go to the Equal money forum. There are also regular blog books that you can support yourself with self-education. For that, follow the links.


35) What will the Police, Army and Navy do?


FAQ:What will the police army and navy do? The only function of a police, army and navy would be disaster management and prevention management and intervention management. Therefore it will not be based on any form of weaponry, it will be based on effective support when there is for instance earthquakes, typhoons, tornado’s, fires, disease … any form or thing that threaten the good health and being of living things on Earth. That is where there is intervention.


The police per say, will not be as it is today to arrest criminals, because crime is mostly motivated by money. It will be acting as prevention, and will be doing so in cooperation with psychologists, which will be able to measure physical patterns, and doctors which will be there to make sure there is physical help. So the actions will be based on making sure that anyone who is physically disabled, that is causing mental disorder, that they’ll be supported and be taken for immediate support and trauma management in the moment there is a problem. And there will be the availability of immediate actions, with events of accidents. And as far as humanly possible, within what we already understand, we will prevent situations of harm at all levels.


Therefore the forces of police, army and navy will be small and will work by conscription. It will not be based on an income producing work or labor, it will be conscription. One will offer your services to the community and that will be a community based center. And there will be a small call, which will be based in the training of various skills necessary to be effective. But there is no threat to anyone, (inaudible), when equality is in place. Because all will be based on the principle of life, and not on the principle of ownership. Because the principle of ownership is what has been one of the based reasons for war and crime. For freedom blogs and to learn more about us and participate in what we do – join us.


36) How will the basic income grant be capitalized – Equal Money


How will the basic income grant be capitalized? Because in an equal money system you will not capitalize it, because the capital will be life, so It will have intrinsic value. And as a person is born, that value is automatically available as life – you do not have to create it, it is created already, it is existent already. In a Basic Income Grant you don’t have that, you’ll have to capitalize it because an idea exist that you have limited resources and limited money. Therefore, with the basic income grant at this stage, every country will have to decide. And I suggest that the political parties that look at basic income grant, must look at either utilizing the profit of coöperations and mining industries and cell phones, electricity, oil and stuff like that – or they must nationalize it and take all the profit and distribute it between all the people in the country as a basic income grant.


There are many options. None of them is going to be beautiful for the rich and wealthy, but as one can see with the occupy Wall Street actions, people are rather pissed off at this stage – they would like to have a piece of the pie and the pudding, but they have not yet understood the problems that is inherent in the current system. And they have not yet understood that obviously, if they want to go to a point of sharing the pudding and the pie, they will have to become more socialistic and even communistic. And those kind of points is starting to come home, and the end of capitalism is slowly but surely coming through. Which is a necessary step in a way, to bring about eventually a new world order, as Equal money , as Equality and as Oneness. For the continuous research on this, share with us with the blog books, come and join our Forums. You will really like us.


37) Won’t most people abuse the system? Equal Money FAQ


FAQ: Won’t most people abuse the system? Abuse within an Equal Money System will be dealt with very immediate. And one will be going for correctional support immediately. And your rights to Equality will be suspended till you are corrected, till you are in fact a trustworthy member of society that will not go and abuse others and will not have some kind of psychotic fun from your ability to exercise abuse and power over others. So psychopaths – that means those that act like psycho’s on the path of Life – will be dealt with as psycho’s and will go for psycho-logical correction – because that’s the logical thing to do. To understand more about Equal Money read our monthly Equal Money Blog books – here’s a link to that – or participate in the forums. As you can hear, it is inevitable that a society of worth will have to become one that is a society of Equality. Join us


38) Will everyone wear the same clothes?


FAQ: Will everyone wear the same clothes in an Equal Money System? No. I mean, expression will be the core of our existence. And therefore fashion- now, that means comfort- with clothes, more than anything else, will be paramount, and within that everybody will participate- and there will be many ideas, so that will definitely become one of the ‘Arts’ of existence. The ‘Art of Dressing’. We’ll have some fun with that- because it truly is one of the areas we can do without harming each other and yet having a fulfilling time- so lets fashion a new world that allows us to truly express ourselves where all have the choice to participate in it in the way they would like to. You like dressing in different ways, it’ll be available- you don’t like it, so be it- it depends on what you’d like to explore- it is about Self-expression- join us- equality, freedom blogs, equal money- we’re here.


39) Betrothing my estate to my children – Equal Money FAQ


FAQ Betrothing my Estate to my Children – In an Equal Money System you will have no Estate to betroth. You will have personal possessions like clothes and things you have made and that can go to children. But most of the goods you had will immediately go to recycling so that it doesn’t end up in somebody else’s garage or in somebody else’s yard and becomes a nuisance. That which is of value will be able to be continued but property will not be owned, so therefore property will be directed in a way that is Best for All. It may be so to go to your family. It’ll be the first option if there is parts of the family that don’t have their own living space yet. That will automatically happen. They will have priority. But there won’t be any taxes. There won’t be any value that is transferred, per se, because the value is Life. Find out more about the intricate things, the many things, that will change in an Equal Money System. Read us regularly on Blog Book.


40) Will Equal Money be actual Physical Money that is Printed?


FAQ: WIll equal money be actual physical money that is printed? No, you see your not going to trade, equal money is not a method of trade, trade is part of profit and lose, and part of the abuse in the world where one deceive another into believing that something has got value, and then because somebody believe there is value a price is paid. In an equal money system the value is life, it’s not something you have to believe in, no your belief as to value is irrelevant. It is an intrinsic value because of the very nature of existence, that life is something that is beyond the ability of creation of the human or any other form here, therefore, has a value that must be protected and supported. Equal money will do that, and for purposes of that your identity as a particular form within an equal money system will be part of a logistic system that will make sure that you have sufficient support from birth to death, and for that you will be a card carrying citizen that will confirm your identity and that will confirm what you have already received and what you still must receive. So from the perspective of your position within the system and what you have done with what you have received, all those kind of information, that means information will be power. If you want to be in power you need to make sure your information that you give to the system is correct at all times because if your trapped that you are abusing the system, immediately, you will be sent for correctional support. That will be not like a jail, that will be with psychologist and related professionals, that will assist you with correcting that position in this world so that you can act in way that is best for all and you can be a trustworthy human being. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to be able to trust all the human that you meet knowing that you talking to a real person, and that that person values life as much as you do. Your dreams is about to come true. A new world, join us with equal money, for more frequent asked questions, go to the website http://www.equalmoney.org or get your latest version of the equal money blog book, which is a monthly addition or the equal money books that will explain the extensive nature of all the changes that will happen to money and how our economic system, that means our eco-system, that’s what an economic system is it’s an eco-system as our eco system financially adjusts to actually support all living things animals, plants, everything included, that means in a way you can start an adventure to find out what is really on earth and from birth to death your life will become an adventure instead of fight for survival. Joins us, we are the future, do you have a future yet?


41) How do we decide what is the standard of basic living?


FAQ: How do we decide what is the Standard of Basic Living? We already have that available within our Society – wherein One can See what is Basic Living, that gives One the Freedom to truly express and Find yourself and Explore your Temporary Existence because you are Here Temporarily for a 3 score and Ten– average of 70-80 years. So in that, you want to Make Most of your Life therefore the Basics of Standard of Living will be based on Making the Best of it within everything that is Known Currently. And that will be distributed and pre-planned, Pre-Programmed so that when a Child is conceived, the planning already starts. So that, at the Moment of Birth, everything is in Place for a Lifetime of Great Expression – Exploration, Fun, Happiness, Fulfillment. Everything you ever Desired will be as your beckon Call, and the only reason you Will not be able to Function within this, would be some Form of Physical Disorder that cause a Mental Disorder and for that, there will be Help to make sure that it is Prevented in any way Possible and that One Sustenance from Food and/or Psychologically is of Such Nature that you are in Fact, a Being that Live in an Equilibrium of Bliss, in a way. Fulfillment, Satisfaction… and that Your Movement is Driven by Love. Love of Yourself and your Neighbor and Life and the Animals and the Trees and the Earth and your Experience. True Love – At Last Realized, Equal Money. We have it – You need it. Join Us!


42) Money Isn’t Everything


FAQ: Money isn’t everything. That is quite a statement made by any human being, because even the paper you write on or the computer you write on or the pen you use, is only in your hand because of money, not because of any of your doing, and you will not be able to move anything in this world without having some form of measurement that can be seen to either give a person an opportunity or a chance, or can be seen as some form of equality. Unfortunately, equality do not yet exist, so therefore money exist. With the Equality proposal we are purely equalizing the playing field- uplifting everyone, so that they can really have equal playing fields, and then, from that perspective, create a society where life is supported- so where money has no longer got value- life is value and money is simply a tool that represents it as a way to communicate that equality in fact exist- so it’s not about the money, money isn’t everything- life is everything, and money is the tool that is easy to use in directing equality for everyone, logistically. Investigate the Freedom Blogs, investigate Desteni and Equal Money, and you’ll see- Money is everything, just as well as it is not everything.


Those that is trying to stop us, you can go and look at what is behind them- it is either fanatical forms of religious sects, or it is corporate or governmental agencies that fear equality, fear what’ll happen if they lose power- and at the moment they perceive they have power, because they have money, because at the moment money is power, but not really- have a look at the world- they seem to have lost control- but maybe they have control and are simply sucking every other fool dry as well, so that at the end you only have the elite left- no middle class. Greed is a bastard, isn’t it. Paying this game of power makes you arrogant and then you make mistakes. Join us at the Freedom Blogs- the future of the world is currently being shaped.


43) How will we get rid of Toxic Waste and other side effects of Capitalism?


FAQ: How will we get rid of Toxic Waste and other Products that are created as a side effect of Capitalism? That is a Big Question that will get great Attention. We will ask Volunteers around the World to Form a Council that will Specifically Look at how One can Use the Toxic Waste and turn it into Useful Products – Useful Support to the Environment and how we can Stop Producing Toxic Waste as we have done in Capitalism and in the Consumerism Age. So, in the Age of Life, we will look for ways to Make sure that All Waste is Reused and Recycled. Because Cost would be Irrelevant, it will be Recycled. Currently, much of Recycling is based on a Cost Factor, and therefore Everyone is trying to do it as Cheap as Possible and therefore is as Wasteful as Possible and it is as Destructible and Harmful Environment as Possible, because Money plays the Role. When money is no Longer an Issue and Life is an Issue and Everyone Participating – Acting in a Way, knowing that what they Do to Support Life – they Do for their Own Life and their Own Children’s Life we will have Real Great Results and we will Change Waste into What is Best for All, Effectively. If you Understand what we are Saying – and you can Hear the Common Sense in our Approach and in our Proposals – Join Us at Desteni and Equalmoney.org, and Read the Freedom Blogs.


44) What about Families in an Equal Money System? — Equal Money


FAQ: What about families in an EMS? You’re still gong to have families, but the motivation, the reason for being would be different- not about survival, having to have a work to pay for everything, having to employ slaves to clean after you- family life will be something different, it will be a communion, and within that you will have a much better relationship with your neighbor, because you are no longer competing, you are in fact supporting each other, especially because you can’t employ any slaves anymore to clean your house- you have to clean it yourself, and having big families is not going to be an easy way to go, so therefore people will automatically have smaller families so they can have more quality time and that they can enjoy their life much more. So we will have a population ‘balance’ that’ll occur through an Equal Money System, and the family system itself will be there to support each one in dignity to teach true value- the value of life- a reverence for life- life will be the religion- the only religion- one religion for all- and family will be the basis because the family truly understand the value of life, as any family that has lost a child can vouch for- and that is the basis of it- that every child and grandchild be safe, supported, and be full of joy and love and enjoying their life with respect. “Love thy neighbor”- the message of Jesus- practically realized with Desteni and Equal Money. Read the Freedom Blogs and see for yourself what you have missed, all along.


45) Life Insurance in an Equal Money System


FAQ: Life insurance and an Equal Money System. You don’t need Life Insurance if Life is the only Value – you only Need Life Insurance if Life has no value. At the moment, in the World, Life has no Value and only Money has Value, therefore you need Life Insurance so you can have Money. In an Equal Money System – you don’t need Life Insurance so Life Insurance and the Industry will cease to exist. You will be automatically taken care of by virtue of being Life and you will Participate in the System of taken care and you will Participate in Making Decisions about it. So – no need to bother with Life Insurance, the same point will be with, in terms of Insurance if Goods. There will be no Insurance of Goods, as that whole Industry is not necessary. It is purely part of the Corruption of the Human Psyche that these things Exist. Because you’ve been programmed into Believing that you have No Value and the Whole Insurance Business, in terms of Goods, are purely there to assist with the Capitalistic System to keep it running as a Insufficient, Incomplete System that do not take care of Everyone and that only take care of those that are the Most Corrupt, the Best way. Let us Stop this Corruption and Realize that we, in fact, as a Human Race, are Worth more than we give ourselves Credit for. To find out More – to Educate yourself, join us in the Forums and read the Freedom Blogs.


46) What about rewards for great performance?


FAQ: what about rewards for great performance in an Equal Money system? Obviously – gratefulness will be the reward because those that benefit from somebody’s great work will say ‘Thank You’ and might choose to reward the person with a nice meal or with something like a party. But there won’t be busts built for people or billboards for people because reward system itself is based on the Competition/Education system and the Consumerism/Capitalism System where people are rewarded to motivate others to do more to make a greater profit and because the system is not about profit, and one do what you do because you love doing it. Gratefulness will be the greatest reward you would ever want and would receive and therefore will have the fulfillment of your endeavor through the gratefulness you receive.


47) The Power of Ten will save our Home


The Power of Ten will save our home. Yes, Earth is our home, if you watched the “Home” documentary you will understand the dire straights that earth is in and humanity is in, and that we have a very limited time, in fact, only about ten years before the damage is so severe that we are on a path of no return, which will cause massive consequences for the human race. The Power of Ten is a process through which the inner change that is necessary for the human to go through to become benevolent enough to allow each other equal life, and to allow each other a system that will not use so much of our fossil fuels. That system is the only answer that is going to bring about the necessary change within the time span available to make sure that we have a continued reasonable existence on earth. We have been busy with it already and we have reached stage one which is year one of the Power of Ten, we are now entering year two.


The Power of Ten works within the process of changing the 3 minds- the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious, which is with- what we use to create our world, our system. And our world, our system is using too much energy for us to have a sustainable existence, so we have to change our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind into a new version. Those that can afford to do it will have to pay for it to help others to do it that can’t afford it. So you don’t need money to do the Power of Ten, the Desteni I Process, and it works on the principle that those that can afford it pay, and those that don’t must only show their intent of self change through writing to be sponsored. The situation is of such nature that time is of the essence. So find out- watch the documentary “Home”, then go to the forums at Desteni and find out from those that’s already walked part of the process- they haven’t done all of it yet, many has walked the conscious mind already and some is busy with the subconscious mind- the unconscious mind nobody has walked yet, but it will take on average four years to redesign the basic structure and then one must actually go and apply yourself to help others- and the responsibility for every human is- to change themselves and to support ten humans to change , which is the Power of Ten, which will allow us to reach every human being within ten years, in terms of self change, and change enough of humanity to stop the abuse and the overuse of fuel.


Now, it is critically important to realize, that if one do not stop this situation on Earth in terms of fossil fuels- because that is the non-renewable fuel- we will be in a position where starvation will be excessive- it’s already excessive because so much of our food production goes to bio fuel to try and alleviate the pressure on fossil fuel. This situation is not going to go away, it requires your immediate attention- once we’ve reached the breaking point, it cannot be changed. We have to reduce our fossil fuels by at least- the use of it by at least 90%. That is possible through an Equal Money System- a system where we stop consumerism and we change the way we live within the principles of the Jesus message- “Love thy neighbor as thyself”- that means to give to another what you would want to have in the best possible way within an equality system, the Equal Money System, it is possible to have everything you have now and much more, in a far more sustainable way- so study the Equal Money System because a change is critical and we have three years to convince enough people that they have to take action, before the situation becomes rather murky. Join us- Equal Money and Desteni.


48) Media and spreading the message of equality – Equal Money FAQ


FAQ: Why don’t we use the media like television to spread the equality message? Simply it cost money and our message, you can listen the other FAQs, it is a little scary to those that now have all the power and that protect there power through actions of greed and destruction, where they will not want to participate in giving as they would like to receive. So unfortunately, Desteni and Equal Money and Equal Life Foundation is funded by individual people on a monthly basis through the participation in either doing the Desteni-I-Process of their participation in purchasing the blog books or the equal money books as they come out monthly, that is how it is funded. There are no funding coming from any government or any corporation or any non-profit organization in this world. We are all just human beings together in a group pushing this, in time, as the profit grows, we will be advertising, we will be using television, we will do documentaries, but that is all a matter of budget. So you want to be part of the solution take part, buy some blog books, do the DIP, so that eventually you can support your fellow Destoinains and you can support the equal life foundation, and in that way we can get the message out faster. So currently the message timeframe is the year 2020 because we have already estimated how long it will take us to get the money together, to do the necessary advertising and education, and therefore it will take a long time. Obviously, the more money that becomes available the quicker the message will spread. Join us.


49) What will happen to private corporations and the businesses?


FAQ: What is going to happen to the Private Corporations and the Businesses of people? Here I am going to remind all of you that has got businesses, and that went into business for profit, and that came up with all kinds of ideas to sell to everybody, that you must go back through your process of decision making and how you justified your position. You had in that design a point that you claimed that what you did is for the best for all, and that you are doing it to help humanity and to make the world a better place, but you use that in context of making profit. Now, unfortunate for you, we will call on that part of your decision making process when we get to an equal money system, and we will remind you through self honesty that you in fact had that thought, that you in fact did make those statements somewhere in your life, and that now we are calling on you to produce and to honor your word and therefore what you have created, that that be an act of love and belong to all and be distributed equally. You will be part of a system that is best for all, therefore, you will not lack, all you will lose is your ability to be greedy, and you’ll still have sufficient. What is a wonderful thing is that you will no longer have to misrepresent yourself, and you will no longer have to create all kinds of advertising and presentation to convince people to buy your brand because brands will no longer exists in an equal money system. You will, in fact, be free to explore what you truly love and may even invent more cool shit to share with everyone. You’ll have time for your families and your kids will start to love you because you’ll spend some time at home. But in essence, corporations, businesses, eventually will become part of the global logistical system for the distribution and support of all equally. Only those parts will be left in service that is relevant to this distribution and that is critical for logistics. The rest will be turned either into some form of entertainment as buildings or into homes where people can stay, if the basic income grant has not yet solved the housing crisis around the world. Obviously, this will be part of a decision making that will involve everyone, even you as corporate member or business owner or professional, it doesn’t matter who you are, you will be part of the decision and your fears if you have any, will be considered, and we will have a look if your fears are more important then what is best for all because obviously there is a psychological problem. So I would not just go around and spread fear, I would consider by virtue of a system that was unequal I have profited at the expense of others, and I have protected my profit at the expense of others, which was an act of greed, and in fact is a criminal act currently. So being wealthy is by no means is a valuable or an acceptable situation. Join us at Desteni.


50) Leadership and the Equal Money System – Equal Money FAQ


FAQ: Leadership and the Equal Money System – In an equal money system there will be no leadership, leadership positions per se will be positions of distribution network, an administration network, where the skills of the participation will be paramount because you will in fact manage the logistics of all peoples lives thru system, and you will manage the decision making process by posing the questions that must be answered by all people in the world through an online system. Everyone together will make decisions and those decisions will then be implemented if they meet the criteria in terms of what is best for all life. Unless that criteria is met, obviously, a decision may not be implemented until a solution is found to make sure that all living things are in fact protected to the best of our ability. Therefore, no leaderships will exist, no political dispensation will exist because politics is not a natural human living condition. Politics in it’s very nature is a form of deception and misdirection as it has been proven throughout hundreds of years, and especially in the last one hundred years. Therefore, it is a system that can’t be trusted, although, we will implement or introduce or interject ourselves into the system as it exist through politics, it is inevitable that politics will not exist, but that will be done through a matter of joint discussion and decision making where all decide together with the access to all knowledge and information that is necessary. The positioning of the people that will be involved in the presentation of the decisions to be made, will be from all walks of life, all forms of professions, and will be replaced on a regular basis and they will be appointed by a group that will be involved in education specifically, and that will be part of the moral code of what is best for all within society, so that the decision presentations is made in ways that is acceptable and in a language that is understood by all, and that brings about the opportunity for all that decide to also give input if they have a point that requires expansion or see a way how a point could be better implemented in a way that is best for all. Therefore, there will be no leaders, this will mean there will be no noble peace prizes or science prizes or any of those kind of things because ones actions would be based on the fact that you honor life, and that you are grateful for the fact that you do have life, and therefore your act of love will be your participation in the system. You will be in fact a divine being because you will be in fact acting as love and then god will truly be loved because then you will act like a god, which is the image and likeness you were suppose to be acting in anyway, if you have to give any credence to the so called holy books that is been held in such high esteem. Therefore the implementation of equality system, in fact, takes the very best out of every holy idea, and bring it into practical application so that it brings about a world where you would like to have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren because you will know they will be safe, they will be supported, and they will be able to enjoy this magnificent speck in the universe. Join us with regular updates with how people change their lives and align themselves to a new world as we create it from within ourselves. Read the blog books, here are some links: http://www.equalmoney.org.

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