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Equal Money System Part 1

1) Isn’t equal money just communism? – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: Isn’t equal money just communism? Communism as such the very hard core points of Marxs and Engles and so on has never really existed because communism as it existed was funded by capitalism. It was purely a polarity system, it never valued life, it valued ideology. Have a look, equal money has got no ideology, it’s got one basic law do what is best for all, and that is the fundamental and foundation of equality and equal money system. It is based on the joint decision making on all participants, something that did not exist in communism. Furthermore, if one look at the way communism was presented in the western world, that’s been done by media and politicians deliberately to cause wars and to make money, and to make profit for the corporations through many many decades so that there is this great red fear that waits around every quarter if you dare to question the principle of profit. It is intrinsically how the few protected themselves to be in positions to be in elitism by having everybody else running scared of there monster called communism. Equal money and equality is about community and if one have to add an ISM to community, it is about making sure that the community as a group functions in a way that is best for all, and therefore each individual is valued equally. Therefore, it is about love thy neighbor as thyself, which will mean if one claim that equal money is communism, you have to claim that Christianity is communism, and that the message of Jesus is communism. Obviously, anyone can try and claim anything about it, but the practical application about it is based on what is best for each individual and has no foundation in any of the misdirected ideas of communism or of capitalism per se that is currently existing in the world. If one look at the difference between communism, socialism, and capitalism, it is purely just a shift in power. This shift in power is still leaving just a few in power. In an equal money system no one will have power, no one will have authority, there will not be all the current accepted political terms of authority and power and decision making that has been used within the context of nations and political parties and governments. There will be no governments; the only thing that will be governed is the distribution of the resources equally. That will be a system that each one will be able to complain about the very moment you have a problem, and there will be more then sufficient cross-referenced points to make sure no individual ego may interfere at any stage with the distribution of effective life support throughout the system. Join us at Desteni or read all about the future of community, the future of equality, the future of life in the blog books monthly here.

2) How will you get everyone to agree on an equal money system? – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: How will you get everyone to agree on an equal money system? It is an interesting question because initially you will not get everyone to agree to an equal money system. You will get half of the world that is in poverty to insist on a change democratically, and they will initially insist on a basic income grant. Once they have a basic income grant, they will push for more change, and because the elite in the world is a very small part, the changes in the world will not happen with the support of the elite. Although, we would suggest that it should come from them as a matter of forgiveness, as a matter of saying we made a mistake, we abused, we didn’t realize we did, but it is unlikely that such benevolence will come from the rich and wealthy of this world. Therefore, democratically through time there will be change as the money system collapse and as it gets out of control as you already see around the world. This out of control situation will escalate, and inevitably, the solution that will be presented by the current powers would be a basic income grant. That voice is getting stronger, and they will realize they have to give people something, but what they will be giving will not be enough. But it will be enough to prove that an equal money system is the eventual and actual answer, so therefore first basic income grant, the BIG answer, and then the biggest of all, Equal Money. Join us because you can’t stop us, we are your shadow always in the shadow of your glory, but as you well know, the meek shall inherit the earth. And we are the meek because seemingly we have no power because we have no money, but that is coming to an end. Read our blog books here.

3) What will happen to my debt in an equal money system? – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: What will happen to my debt in an equal money system? Oh, my god, there will be something happening that only god can do, you will be forgiven, and your debt will be forgiven, because you did not mean to sin, you had no choice, you were given no alternative, and here you know have an alternative where you no longer have to live in debt, so therefore – stand up and give yourself the forgiveness, and forgive yourself that you have even been part of a system of debt, and become part of a system of value, life value, the equal money system, investigate why equal money is the answer and why life is the only true value, I’m sure you agree with that, if you have a child you’ll know that, so, have a child so you can find out if you care about life. Read all about it in freedom blogs.

4) How will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: How will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? That will be based on a fascinating point because currently housing is based on money, which means on how many servants you can actually purchase to work for you and clean up your dirty shit behind you. In an equal money system you will have no slaves that will clean your house, so you will have to clean your own house, and because of that you will probably want a house that you can clean. If you do have a house that you don’t keep clean there will be intervention because you become a health risk to your neighbors and because the principle is love thy neighbor as thy self. We will intervene at all times to support our neighbors, and make sure that no one pose a risk to another at any stage. This change in slavery and having no slaves in the system will cause houses to diminish in size exponentially, and in the bigger houses you will probably end up with more with a commune style of living where youngsters have not yet decided to have their own houses, and they live together. As a group, they manage the house and clean it together similar to how students currently live. So a matter of distribution of land and property will be actually decided by yourself, and how much work you are willing to handle in terms of what size house you are willing to take care of. Accordingly, we are expecting that the sizes of houses will diminish with time, and become practical and functional to support the families that will be in it. The reason being, obviously, fascinating one, there will be no more slaves to do the bidding of the wealthy. So in essence, if you have a slave cleaning your house currently you are part of the elite, and your life is going to change with an equal money system extensively. Maybe it is a good thing to start with that now. To find out more and to be on the cutting edge of the developments of a new system, read the blog books here.

5) What will the justice system look like?

FAQ: What will the justice system look like? What is justice? Justice is equality for all. Justice is what is best for all. Justice is to prevent any abuse, to anyone. Justice is to make sure that every living thing, plant and animal, gets the opportunity to thrive, and to fulfill their very essence of being – whether it be to bear fruit and feed others, or to bear milk that others may drink, and their children may drink.

Justice is to make sure that life can be trusted; to make sure that all can live in a way where there is shelter and education; where neighbors are together in life. Justice is to make sure that there is prevention before any harm comes.

Therefore the justice system will no longer be there as we know it. It will be there to oversee the prevention of abuse – the prevention and intervention and corrective action BEFORE harm happens – we will not wait until it happens like in the system now. We already understand how it happens, we already have the experience – we will apply that and prevent it, and that would be justice; justice would be done when we prevent.

For that, there will be oversight and cross-reference to make sure that no abuse exists in any way, whatsoever, but that all abuse be prevented. That is justice.

Life for all – that is the just cause for all.

Freedom Blogs – that is where you will learn more.

6) What will happen to criminals?

FAQ: What will happen to criminals? In an Equal Money System, obviously, we will have a lot less criminals, because crime is created by laws, and all laws will be revoked, and the laws that will remain will be the laws of equality – the principles of equality and oneness; the principle of what is best for all – will be the basic law that overrides everything else.

So criminals would be will mostly be based on forms of physical dysfunction that will cause mental disorder, and that may cause rape or murder, or a related matter. These will be directed by the necessary professionals to bring an order within the dis-order that exists within the physical capacity of the human that has been afflicted, and thus the human, if cured, will be back in society, and if in permanent dis-order, will be taken into a position where they will be supported and allowed to live out the rest of their days while research is done on how to prevent it for future generations.

Our basic objective being to make sure that no one, eventually, gets afflicted by any form of physical disorder that causes mental disorder and that causes one to create what one would perceive to be a crime, but a crime in essence is: cry-me – it is a cry for help, and currently the world is full of cries for help by many that are called criminals, but they are purely the result of a system that is not supporting life; they are the result of a system of greed, and those with the power and the greed in their hands are the ones that are making criminals of anyone challenging this system, and that system will be no more once we have an Equal Money System in place.

Therefore, crime will in all practical purposes end with an Equal Money System and what is envisaged and how to adjust the physical reasons for mental disorder that causes a cry for help, and that is what truly criminal behavior is.

Thus, at the moment, the way we deal with criminals are at the very least – barbaric – it is the same way we deal with life – barbaric – so therefore it needs, or requires an absolute change.

If you understand what we are saying – and if you don’t, I mean, you have problem – but if you do, it is time to join the journey to freedom. Read Freedom Blogs, and join the forum.

The future is in our hands, we are shaping it, become part of it.

7) What will happen to the Elite?

FAQ: What will happen to the Elite? The elite is a bi-product of greed. It is a bi-product of manipulation. It is a bi-product of allowing evolution to take it’s course, instead of what is best for all. Evolution is not about survival of the fittest, it is about deciding what is best for all, so we will change evolutionary action from survival of the fittest to what is best for all, and therefore will develop a different form of value system, as we well be valuing life, and not survival and not victim-hood.

So within this, the elite will have to face what they have allowed within a system of inequality, and they will be equalized through a realization that what is best for all, and that includes them, is to let all have, equally, of that which the Earth, and the sun, and nature provides, and equally of that what is provided by human endeavor – and within that elitism itself has only ever served the purpose of greed, and that the atrocities done in the world in the name of elitism will have to be forgiven – to make sure that no revenge is required, because revenge is barbaric – forgiveness is godly, and we are moving to the age of god, where life is valued – equal and one – and the image and likeness of god will walk amongst us, as ourselves.

Join us – Freedom Blogs – we are here.

8) What is intervention?

FAQ: What is intervention? Intervention is the act that is substantiated, substantially, and the substance of love thy neighbor – where you act, and this is where experience becomes valuable, because through experience you have first-hand – without emotion – learned how harm, and self-harm, and self-sabotage and things like that, operate, and so when someone is doing that you can intervene.

Now, in terms of human nature, there are those things that we already know – that through multiple experiences, we have established that it is harmful to human nature, that it is harmful to allow it to exist, and therefore intervention is necessary. We understand the psychological make-up of the human, and that in allowing the human to continue in particular psychological behavior-patterns will cause harm to others, therefore intervention is necessary.

The best possible example that everybody will know, is when it comes to alcohol – we know alcohol harms, yet we don’t intervene, so when somebody dies because of a drunk driver, we are all responsible, just because we didn’t intervene – because we didn’t prevent it, because we allowed alcohol to exist in spite of what we know it does, and where we know that it cannot in fact be controlled, and to place the responsibility on the individual and to give the individual the right to harm, randomly, people in society just because they had too much to drink is hardly an excuse, and is definitely not an expression of freedom or free choice, because those that die or get harmed, they had no choice in the matter.

Therefore, the choice to drink is not free choice, it is just abuse, and therefore alcohol is an area where we must intervene. We must stop the use of it because it serves no purpose but to become a random event eventually that harms somebody that had no part in the decision to drink.

So therefore when we talk about intervention within the Equal Money System, understand that intervention has to do with how to protect everyone, effectively – your children, yourself – in a way to make sure that you are not effected by events where you had no choice in the creation of it, and you are the victim.

Therefore, prevention is the best cure, and that is intervention, and it is an action of ‘love thy neighbor’.

More on intervention – read our Freedom Blogs.

9) Basic Income Grant – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: Basic income grant – within the process of equal money initially we will be lobbying because that will be part of the political process for the introduction universally, globally, of a basic income grant that will support every human being, and at this stage it’s just the human will be involved because this will be the early stages before an equal money system comes about, where every human being is supported with an income in terms of housing, education, shelter, electricity, water, and the ability to move around, that means transport. All the basics, and clothes, so every basic point, internet and so on will be covered as a basic income grant. That is not an equal money system, it is a basic income grant just to restore a basic level of dignity for every human, and that will be the first approach that we will be supporting. From that, as humans are stabilized, they’ll be able to move out of the survival mentality and start to be able to look at the bigger picture, and then we can work at the re-education necessary to introduce an equality system globally, which will bring about what has been talked about as ‘heaven on earth’, practically, physically. Obviously, a fascinating point here is if you start asking those that propose heaven on earth will be here one day, you better ask them how would they be magically touched by Jesus magic staff, will that be the way? I mean they have no clue, they believe in fact, that god will just magically just do something, that’s brainwashing, either way you are asking god to brainwash you to suddenly be part of heaven on earth. It doesn’t work that way, you are an image and likeness and creator, you have to create heaven on earth, that is your responsibility. It is not a religious statement, it is a fact practical realized statement that if one investigate you can see there is no other way for this to happen. To allow the current mess and abuse to exist is only possible by your participation whether it is in doing something or not doing, it doesn’t matter, it exist through participation. Therefore everyone is responsible because everyone participate. For support, join us at the forums, there are regular blog books, read them, improve your reading, improve your mathematics so that no man may ever brain wash your brain, or control your thoughts or your mind, so that you can in fact talk as one as equal about what is best for all. You work it out for yourself, when everything in the world is what is best for all, you are part of the all, then your life is in fact like somebody that has walked into heaven. You are in paradise, so shift the paradigms, thru the dice so you can get to paradise. It is in a way pure magic because in essence if life is the only value everything else becomes just props. Join us.

During the phase of the basic income grant, one will either rent or buy houses, and your guarantees will be supplied by government because the payment for the house will be supplied thru the basic income grant that will still be in the current capitalistic system. It will not be in an equal system. In an equal system, that is a totally different ball game, equal money is only possible 2020 and beyond. It will be many years of education before we can get to equal money, but in the meantime people are suffering, for that, basic income grant is a valuable and possible solution. It may mean for doing that, that all corporations and all resources, minings and so on, will have to be nationalized, so the profit can be used to support all the humans in the country. I mean that is what’s best for all, that is what god would do, what would you do?

10) Gambling, Betting and Sports – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: Gambling and betting and sports, from a gambling perspective, all casinos all gambling will end because gambling in it’s very nature is motivated by profit, it is a game of chance, it is similar to capitalism, it is just a capitalism into a comic book picture style, that will no longer exist. It is purely an abuse.

Sports from the perspective from a healthy participation within the group to have some fun, that will exist, even competitions where one will do sports and play games. Within that context, how we will do it – we will have to decide all together, we will have to take the best that we can from the sporting past, the fraternity, and bring it together and see how we can do it so it do not end up becoming an egocentric, directed, bullshit, abuse. That people do not get misdirected from there responsibility to care for the environment and the earth. We will see what comes from it, but at this stage, we are not fundamentally against sport per se. Only against the fame and egocentric results that come from sport, that is unacceptable. For the discussion join us at the forums, http://www.equalmoney.org or read the blog books regularly here.

11) Who will want to study to become a Doctor?

FAQ – Who will want to study to become a doctor? If you don’t have to for money any more, thank god we will at last have doctors that really want to be doctors and not doctors that do it because it ensures that they have enough money and that they live well. That is the problem in our world now a days, is most doctors are not doctors by choice, they are doctors by survival, they have been endoctorated by the families from small to chose a career that will give them a secure income and therefore they have no empathy or compassion with their sick people/costumers/patients, they don’t have to be patient either, they are only there to make money, they are purely a function of book keeping, and is measured in the cars, houses and luxury items the doctors can buy, fortunately all this will end, and we will have a health care that will no longer be a health scare, and people will be able to go to doctors with confidence because they’ll know that the doctor that is doctor in and equal money system truly care. Wouldn’t you like a world like that? Wouldn’t you like to take your family to a doctor that really care? Then investigate equal money, find your freedom in the freedom blogs, the future of money – we intend to have that in place by 2020, read all about it – 2020 – clear vision

12) Can I profit from equality?

FAQ: Can I profit from equality? No, you can profit from equality. yes, you can profit fro equality. How can you profit from equality? You will have everything you can ever dream of available, pre planned for you, a life of fulfillment, all there for everyone – that’s the ultimate profit and it is equal for all – you don’t have to work for it, you get it because you are a living being, and therefore profit itself will change in it’s meaning. Profit itself will be the fact that you can predict the future, and therefore you can make sure that everyone gets the best that is possible and thus profit from the fact that you can predict it – to find out how we predict the future and how you can profit from equality and equal money – read the freedom blogs today.

13)  Will I still be able to buy the things that I like?

F-A-Q: Will I still be able to buy the things that I like? No, you won’t be able to buy anything, because nothing will be for sale. You will have access to what is available in the world – first of all there will be the basic needs from computers, to homes, to food – that is automatically taken care of by the logistics management system, and there, once you are born, you will be registered in the system and automatically be allocated your part of the resources on the Earth that is necessary to make your Life an absolute fun experience, and absolute fulfilled experience.

You will have access to new things that people come up with, and which ways they want to honor other human beings, or themselves, and make their life more fulfilled, and they may develop new products, or games, and so on, which will be done through a development organization, specifically for science and for inventors, and this will be presented on a global-scale for participants, and if enough people are willing to work with it, or feel they would like to enjoy the product, it will be manufactured, and you will have it available, and from that perspective – you will buy it – obviously there will be one primary consideration: is it best for all? and is the harm that is coming out of it limited to be ineffective, or insubstantial, as little as possible – there will always be a little bit of harm, so to speak, because we are moving around on a living planet.

The more advanced points in terms of our research will come later after Equal Money, where we will look at what else is possible. Are we going to go to other planets? Do aliens exist? All those kinds of stuff – that’s only important after we have a stable society, and with an Equal Money System we will have a stable society, and you could become the inventor of anything. Many things that now are not allowed to be invented because there is not money to develop it, may become real, just because the criteria will no longer be profit, the criteria will be what will benefit all life, best.

Freedom blogs is where you will find the latest cutting edge ideas on equality and the future.

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14) Why is equal money not a violent revolution?

F-A-Q: Why is equal money not a violent revolution? History… History shows us that all violent revolution, in fact ALL revolutions, that have happened have all not lasted. History shows us that evolution, that means a process of education, because in essence evolution is an education, it is a becoming aware of a different choice kind of evolution that is taking place in the world, and it happens through a form of resistance – you first resist what is best, and then you embrace it, and then you resist what is best, and then you embrace it.

So, step by step, what we are doing is we are accelerating that inevitable evolutionary process of embracing and accepting and resisting – bringing about a change quicker because there is no need for the world to go through the suffering that is based on it just because the human is not willing to move faster and have a little bit more of pressure.

So we will see the pressure in the world will increase, and has increased substantially in the last few years, and it will continue to do so that we can get through the resistances, and embrace what is best for all, and get to our freedom – set ourselves free from our limitations and our ideas that we have based in limited systems like: democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism – all kinds of these ‘isms’ that have not brought us any joy or any freedom.

So, now we will give it to ourselves.

Join us, you can give it to yourself – yes, give it to yourself.

Read all about it.

15) How will we make sure that products are made to last?

F-A-Q: How will we make sure that products are made to last? We will change our engineering towards that. Currently, believe it or not, products are deliberately engineered to failed at a very specific time-frame.

So, if one change that, you will find that you can build products that will last a lot longer than the products that are currently available.

The same with models: models are engineered purely to create a replacement model and to create a continuous flow of money. It’s part of the consumerism, capitalism, profit game, and it gets you to accept this whole story as if it is true, and just because you can’t fight it, because this is the way it ends up being all the time, you eventually accept it. It’s like a form of giving up, and you just accept products don’t last – that’s not true. If you go back to the 60s and the 50s, you’ll find there’s products that have been lasting for a lifetime. It is possible to engineer them, if cost is not an issue, which it won’t be – you will be able to engineer products that will last a lifetime, and you will be able to go to the best quality, the highest functionality product immediately – not through some stepped-business of models and various version which are purely made just for the purposes of money – they don’t have to do it.

You can check for yourself, in the sequence that models appear on the market, it could not have happened without the knowing about all the various models. That means, when one appears, the other one is already in production. There is no point in that – it is purely a wastage of resources, it’s purely a wastage of energy, it is purely abuse, it’s purely greed, it is absolutely bullshit; it will not be tolerated, we will not allow that to exist in an Equal Money System because it is simply stupid.

So, let go of this system that by its very nature makes everyone a fool.

To be free from foolishness, read the Freedom Blogs.

Extra, extra, read all about it.

16) Cars in an Equal Money System – Equal Money FAQ

F-A-Q: Cars in an Equal Money System: Who will make them, and who will get them? There will be cars available, we will decide as we go along. From a perspective of one’s movement around in a community, most likely electrical cars; from a perspective of moving around between cities, there may be cars available, but it will be more from a pool perspective, or if one want to go and travel the world, you will be able to go to central points where you will have access to cars.

The cars will be made by the agreed…by ‘all’ point, in terms of what cars are the best, so we’ll all have available the best cars. Will everyone necessarily own a car? That will be depending on whether there is a need for such a thing, because our whole society will become more of a community-based one, where one will interact more between people – you will really love your neighbor, and will love to be with your neighbor, so why drive around and try and exclude yourself from your neighbor.

There will be many changes.

So, as the changes happen, and as our society change – we will decide – because that decision will be one where we will all have to agree: what are we going to do with cars? What cars will work best?

The whole principle will be what is best for all. I would really like to drive the best possible cars, if I drive in it, so that me and my family is well-protected in the event of an accident, because in spite of everything being Heaven on Earth, accidents will still happen. Therefore, each person must be protected as effectively as possible.

Fortunately, one thing that will no longer be tolerated, and which we will all agree on once all the facts are known, in an Equal Money System, is that alcohol will be outlawed – it will not be tolerated – due to its absolute hazardous nature and the amounts of deaths and harm it causes on a global scale. It is only an excuse for abuse.

But cars, by all means, it is a pleasure, there is no reason for it not to exist. We will just have to decide how to, and what exactly.

For more on this, and how we debate this, and discuss this, check out the Freedom Blogs – follow the link.

17) How will food be manufactured and produced? – Equal Money FAQ

F-A-Q: How would food be manufactured and produced? There, we have to thank the corporations – they have already worked out all the ways to mass-produce food, on very little land, under controlled environments, where no seasons have any influence, they can do it worldwide, we have all the technology, it is why you have such beautiful genetically modified food in all your supermarkets; the small farmer is over. Most of the farmland in the world will become the home of animals again, and most of the fences will be removed so that animals can roam the world again, and you will live amongst animals in an Equal Money System, and then there will be these big farms that the corporate is already existing on Earth, the corporate farms, but there will be the farms where we will have the youngsters have some education. Part of their life on Earth would be a few years of education where they world physically, practically – where they learn how to produce food in a commune-style to have great fun, great parties, and meet their future lovers, and wives, and everything, and develop a healthy social structure with peer age-groups, taking responsibility for the production of food on a global scale, because food production in itself is a repetitive recipe: you put things together, you plant things, you look at it in a certain way, and you harvest them – it is a cycle that repeats itself, and all the knowledge necessary to have it as a successful point consistent in the world, producing sufficiently for the world population, is already here. We don’t have to do or re-invent anything. We don’t even have to establish farms or anything to do it – there is already enough food produced in the world with enough farms producing it as we stand right now.

In fact, a lot of the production of stuff like sugar, and corn, and so on, that is involved with biofuels, will no longer be needed to be produced, because competition would have ended and therefore brands and all the various products that need to be made in ever-increasing different pictures will no longer be needed. We will make what is best, and everybody will have what is best – in every way – and the rest will just no longer be made, and therefore vast parts of the Earth will return to its natural condition. It will be an amazing project to restore the natural heritage of Earth, which will be one of the first major projects of an Equal Money time across the whole world, and that we will show around the world on all the television channels: how the world re-stored itself, and what we have allowed. It will be shocking, but also exhilarating, to be part of the restoration of Earth – rebirthing Earth, removing the harm and the abuse that the humans did, and becoming part of the Earth, and it will be the end of the human and the birth of the Earthling.

Join us.

18) Will we all have micro-chip implants?

F-A-Q: Will we all have micro-chip implants? NO. You will be a card-carrying human, like you are now, where the micro-chip is initially, but eventually the DNA of each being will be read, and that will be your micro-chip – it cannot be faked, it cannot be copied or cloned, and it will prevent all corruption in every way.

Imagine, the ultimate answer has always been here to bring about the end to all criminal activity and greed: the micro-chip of God, which is the DNA, which is the command-structure of your very being; the command-codes of your genetics, and it is the same with plants, and animals – everything has got their genetic code, and that will be able to be read, and will be automatically part of the logistic system eventually.

So there will be further advancement in our scientific endeavor to bring about the ultimate ability to bring about the end of abuse. The reading of the DNA as a micro-chip which will be available on a central-system so one can see the moment there is anything happening that is of harm. So we will know if anyone gets murdered immediately because the electrical power that is necessary to light-up the DNA-chip will end and immediately the person will disappear from the world-grid of equality and there will be action taken immediately.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

You’re not going to need an micro-chip because you have one already, and we will endeavor in an equal system to use that to its full potential to prevent all abuse, and all corruption.

Those that are claiming that it is apparently control, just don’t get it; they are part of the abuse, part of the greed, and are mentally unstable, and do not consider what is best for all.

Therefore, make sure you understand the implication, and the benefit of the micro-chip – the DNA. It will bring about, and support, life in every way. It is an amazing advancement in human endeavor: the ability to actually know where everyone is and to make sure that each one is supported.

So, according to the output of a person’s DNA, we will be able to detect if a person is in trouble and do not have food, or water, and there is a weakening of the signal, and thus support will be dispensed to make sure, and prevent, and form of harm. We will be able to detect diseases at a very early stage in the same principle.

There is a lot of research to be done, but that is inevitable, because with an Equal Money System we will no longer be bound by profit, we will be bound by what is best for all – that makes us truly geniuses.

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19) How will people be motivated? – Equal Money FAQ

FAQ: How will people be motivated in an EMS? In a free society? That is purely a question of character in fact, I mean, your statement in terms of who you are, in terms of motivation will indicate your character. Your value will indicate who you are and therefore you must consider this question very carefully. Because if you require money to motivate you, you are in fact making a statement, that you exist as greed. And that because unless you get money you will not move. That means you are completely and utterly subject to the system of profit and loss and because of that greed you do not care about life. So stop, breathe deeply and consider the following: lets remove money from society completely and start to look at what the function of life pertains or is here on earth. We require shelter, equipment, cars, food, all kinds of things and within that most people have not found what they truly love. Now start looking at what you really like, what you truly love. Within that context start to look at, why do you not allow what you love to be your motivation, because then your motivation will be pure motivation. And the love that you have and you a exercise to the benefit of others, as your motivation will make love manifest and proof that work in fact. And as Kahlil Gibran said, is love made visible, then all the stories of love that now exist in this world will get a total new view. We will no longer be controlled by love for money, but we will do what we love and from that perspective be proper examples for our children and you’ll be able to really appreciate what is made, because it will be made well and you’ll be able to see the love within the way it was made. You can go back in history and you will find things that were made by hand and through the hands of love and you can appreciate that those things do carry value, because the way it was made in whether it was made with a machine, wood, whatever it is, or food that is prepared, carries with it the very essence of the being or the person that made it and that is how one would like to live, truly experiencing what it means to be multiple beings in a reality, where you treat each other as equals. In that very recognition you will be motivated to not be left out from the society, but to be part of it through giving and therefore you would receive. And the words of Jesus will be made visible everywhere and therefore we will live heaven on earth. For more on astoundingly different approaches to life, read our blog books monthly, here are some links.

20) How would Equal Money pay for Resources, Energy and Products?

F-A-Q: How would Equal Money pay for resources, and energy, and products and so on?  Again, energy, products – everything in an Equal Money System – eventually, to the satisfaction of everyone, will be vested as a resource, as a critical resources, and therefore will belong to all humans. Every critical resource will belong to everyone, and therefore to the Earth, and will be held in trust for the Earth, and for everybody that is born on Earth to be effectively applied to make sure that the most amazing life is possibly for everyone.

Therefore, you can’t pay for something that doesn’t belong to you anyway, it belong to the Earth in the first place, you did not create it either, it was created by the Earth, and the sun, and the forces of nature.

Therefore, we are just custodians; we are not the owners. It has been given to us to give each other, and to gift each other – therefore, we will be gifting the gift we received, and no one will pay for what was not theirs in the first place.

Join us at the freedom blogs to understand what freedom truly means, and read all about.

Yes, read all about it.

21) How will the Equal Money System be implemented?

F-A-Q: How will the Equal Money System be implemented? Obviously there will be a process of realization through education, and within that there will be the BIG answer first, which is the Basic Income Grant – that is a BIG answer because that will become quite big, for awhile, and then there will be the Equal Money answer.

The implementation of that is based on the effectiveness of information. Therefore, the effectiveness of our census’ and how the information that is available about every single human, and plant, and animal, wherever it is possible, we can bring it together within a logistical format to establish the level of needs, and requirements, and establish how it will be fulfilled – this will be a gigantic task and will take, initially, extensive planning and management to bring the point together until it is running automatically.

It will include, obviously, the how to store products, how to create products, who is going to do the work, for instance? and who is going to be the doctor, who is going to be the dentist, are the qualifications acceptable? Is the approach one that is effective?

I mean, what will happen to a doctor that no more needs to work for profit, or needs to sell particular medicines just because they make more profit? and now they have the choice to choose the best for the patient, and do what’s best for the patient. Being a doctor will change completely from what it is now.

Lawyers will not exist, because there is no point to it – you don’t have to laws anymore – lawyers exist because of the amount of laws there are; just like criminal exists: the more laws you have, the more criminals you have. So the less laws you have, what do you have? Less criminals.

I mean, that is the clever thing about the Chinese philosophy of the Tao. So, study a little bit of Lao Tzu’s work, because that will really help you to see that that has been one of the oldest, shall we say, practical living statements, ideas, that has been around, and it’s never been practically applies – it was carrying all the answers that one can work out for yourself if you dare not be controlled by money.

So, we will remove money by having money – Equal Money – and therefore equal power, equal participation, equal choice, and therefore free choice, because the choice that you give to another is the choice you have.

So, join us at the freedom blogs; find out more about what it is Equal Money actually entails.

22) Will I not lose free choice in an Equal Money System?

F-A-Q: Will I not lose free choice in an Equal Money System?

I suppose, one will first have to ask the question: what is free choice? and if you have free choice right now in a capitalistic system? Do you have free choice? or do you have the choice that money gives you?

At this stage, no free choice exists, so you can’t lose free choice.

In fact, you will gain free choice because you will be able to have what you now can’t have due to a lack of money, because at the moment, free choice is the result of the amount of money you have. In an Equal Money System you will have access to everything so therefore, for the first time in existence, free choice will actually exist for real, and you will not be forced to take the choice, you will not have to do hard labor to get to the choice, you will not have to neglect your children to get to the choice, you will not have to kill animals to get to your choice, you will not have to destroy rainforests to get to your choice, you will not have to pollute the world to get to your choice, and you will have more free time than you have ever had before.

So, I dare you, do some research, hear what we are sharing, get beyond that resistance inside you that scares you half to death whenever you hear you have to share something – get to a real understanding to what free choice really implies: the freedom to have whatever is available as choice – that is free choice.

Therefore, the only place that you will ever be able to have free choice is with Equal Money.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Read all about the choices available on our blog books, and join our forums, and find out how you can be a part of shaping the future. A future that includes all.

Therefore, an inclusive, exclusive future, because I mean it is exclusive from the perspective that you will have exclusive access to everything that is available at an individual level – complete free choice – but it is inclusive because everyone will be included.

Wow – isn’t it?

23) Who will enforce the Equal Money System?

F-A-Q: Who will enforce the Equal Money System?

Enforcement from the perspective of it being enforced on a world-wide scale: that won’t happen, because Equal Money will become the common sense realization of every human being through a process of education, and a process of world-events, and a process of natural-selection.

It is inevitable that one will come to the realization that what is best for all is the highest decision you can ever make. It is best for you, it is best for your family, it is best for your future, it is best for your whole generation, it is best for every animal, it is best for every plant.

So, every human being, at some level, want to be a part of what is best, and in that want to be the best themselves. And what about being in a situation that is a win-win for all, where you are the best, and you do what is best for all.

Therefore, no enforcement will happen, in terms of an Equal Money System. It will be a realization. It will eventually be a democratic-political decision, and from then-on it will be a decision by all on the level of implementation and how we go ahead and bring about a world that works for all, best.

So, sooner than later, start with your process of education.

Join the forums, read the blog books, and educate yourself. Find out for yourself – work it out mathematically, scientifically, for yourself, what is best for all Life, and you’ll be amazed – the answer has been right in front of your eyes all along; it’s nothing really new, it’s only new for a human being, but it’s always existed, right here, on Earth.

Join us.

24) Will I own my own house – Equal Money FAQ

F-A-Q: Will I own my own house? Initially, that would be prudent that everyone owns a house, but inevitably as we evolve into a higher awareness, eventually, it is anticipated that we will no longer own a house, but we will have a use of a house from birth to death, and that it will pass in a way that is best for all, once we leave.

There will thus be no ownership-transfer of anything that is of the Earth to the children, because nothing as such would be owned eventually. But in the beginning and during the transition periods, we will first go through a period where we for instance will have a Basic Income Grant and where property ownership will be important so that one can restore, initially, the experience for each one to own property, but one will not be allowed to own more than one property. You will own property according to the family-size, and according to your particular needs – not as a form of wealth.

So property will have no value, you will not be able to sell property, you will be able to exchange property. Say you are in France and you would like to live in Spain, then you can find a family that would like to exchange houses, you’ll be able to do that, but you will not able to sell it as property per se, will have no intrinsic value but to be a support for you, as Life, while you are on Earth – and your responsibility will be the up-keep of that as a representation of who you are, as a representation of your character, as a representation of your understanding of your value as Life.

If you do not un-keep your property, it will be interpreted, which it is, that you do not value Life and therefore you will be seen as a risk to society, and again there will be an intervention. We will not wait until there are consequences that can never be fixed. Intervention will happen at the early stages where behavior problems are indicating a dysfunction – BEFORE there is consequences, because consequence will be prevented at all times.

As it is presented in the holy books: we will roll the stones away from our neighbors feet so that they don’t hit their toes and bleed themselves half to death, or go into a rage because nobody cared. We will care, as humans, for each other – that is Equal Money.

That is what you’ve dreamt about, so if anyone try and misdirect your from this, know that they are in fact dysfunctional, and will require correction. Make a note, so that in the future, when we get to that point, we can immediately accumulate all the dysfunctional beings and sort them out so that they can also have what we already understand to be a truly great existence and life. We also would like to share it with them, and as an act of neighborly love we will support them immediately with the necessary correctional activities and support – psychologically.

Wouldn’t you have liked it if you were disenfranchised and unable to actually experience the greatness of life yourself – wouldn’t you like to have the problems that are imprinted on your water be corrected?

By the way, we will be during the next eight years, through the laboratories we will be setting up, show how psychologically a person can be measured, in the physical, to show where there is dysfunction and how that can be corrected.

Therefore, psychology of the future will not be what you have today. It will be a physically measurable point where the physical body will be able to be photographed and within that, one will be able to show the pattern that caused the dysfunction, do the correction, then cross-reference and check the correction, and in such a way there will be no dysfunctional humans – and free choice would be you restored to a state where you can choose the highest life possible.

Then you are free to choose. Any other form of misdirection as free choice as it exists in capitalism, and socialism, and democracy currently, is completely unacceptable, because there are no guidelines, morally, that can allow such abuse to continue to exist.

So join us, as the group expands, and as more and more write themselves to freedom.

Read all about it in the blog books. It’s there – regularly, monthly.

Support us, and join us – we’re the future – be part of it.

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