Starting a Business

Oct. 20 2011

How do i start a business where i would work for what is best for all? That is something that i have not done before. Before, i started a business for profit and so i was coming from a point of self-interest rather than looking at what is best for all.

I am at present an affiliate of Eqafe. I make recipe books that i sell in that site where i earn affiliate commissions and an author’s commission . This is a cool way of earning money – this tells me that equality also gives one equal opportunity to earn money. This site sells products that one can use to be effective in ones life. I use self-forgiveness and self- corrective statements and applying it- as who i am here. While doing this, i also assist in bringing about heaven into as earth by establishing equal money for all from birth to death.

From that starting point, i can then look at how i will start a business.

“What do i look at when starting a business?”

It is really a matter of commonsense.

I asked myself the following questions:
1.How much money do i have?
2.What jobs need to be done so that i will produce the product/service i can exchange for money?
3.How many people can work on the job given the amount of money i have?
4.What materials do i need to make this happen?
5.How much money can be exchanged with the product/service i produce ?
6.Who are the people that i will communicate and do business with to be able to put this product/service out so it can be bought in exchange for money?
7.Will this business benefit me ? My agreement or “relationship? My group – the group that is establishing the equal money system and heaven one earth? (the earth, animals and plants has to also be considered)

Here, i can see the Commonsense points:
1.Money is needed in running a business
2.Seeing what needs to be done, what to do and how much time is required to do it
3.Taking self-responsibility for what needs to be done – to do ones job – to produce the product/service
4.Measuring the time from when i acted on something and when i finish – to find out how much time i needed to produce or make available to everyone – the product/service i am producing
5. I can see that this business – has to be benefit for me as the individual, my agreement or “relationship and the group that is establishing oneness and equality (the earth, animals and plants has to also be considered).

Taking self-responsibility and releasing me from the past – through self-forgiveness:
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create competition between me and others within judgment, comparison and jealousy when engaging in business- where i see me as better than or less than other personalities – the buyers, the people i work with to get the product/service out – a polarity that creates friction – which supports the creation of this world – within consumerism and capitalism .
Organizing cannot happen when one does not have money. I suggest for all to assist in the establishment of an equal money system – where all will have the basic necessities which they need to survive in dignity and live life fully.

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