The Word Mathematics

Redefining Mathematics


The Mathematics of Life



From: Wikipedia:

Mathematics (from Greek μάθημα máthēma, “knowledge, study, learning”) is the abstract study of topics encompassing quantity,[2]structure,[3] space,[2] change,[4][5] and other properties;[6] it has no generally accepted definition.[7][8]

Mathematicians seek out patterns[9][10] and formulate new conjectures. Mathematicians resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures bymathematical proof.

(Sounds like Matter Matrix)



The mind MAT-trix /relationships that i formed desiring H-appiness as i exist as E-nergy giving MAT-ter

as who I am – as the physical,   C-on-S-ciousness

separating me from who i am as what is here as the physical

by giving mind values  (as positive and negative values) to matter 

to quantities, structure, space, change

not seeing and realizing that the atom in matter is equal to the atoms in the cells of  the human’s body/physical, the atoms in the cells of animal’s body/physical, the atoms in the cells of the plant’s body/physical, the atoms  in the body/physical of  nature  – considering that the atoms in/as all , consist of substance  all atoms consist of


MAT-ter as H-eaven on E-arth as the MAT-rix as who I am re- C-reating or duplicating the physical matrix/relationships to a matrix that will show the equality of/as all

realizing that  matter consist of  atoms,  equal to the atoms in our body and in the dust of the earth

We are Equals living this one life

It is commonsensical to  live as equals from the starting point of what is best for all, where we give symbols as quantities a value, equal to the letter’s value as a manifested expression, as who we are as Life, where the physical matrix/relationships that we form equals What Is Best For All.


The Word ‘Mathematics’

FEAR of studying mathematics  – separating myself from mathematics, as numbers, as symbols

Numbers as Me

Here, i am looking at my ‘experience’ of the word ‘Mathematics’

Here i am looking at running away from my dislike/fear of ‘mathematics’.

I did marry someone who i believed was good at mathematics rather than study it which is me running away from me.

He’s Good At Mathematics


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