Pumpkin Pie Mathematics

‘The Pumpkin Pie Mathematics’


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In this series, I am looking at who i am when i see a pumpkin pie on the table as who i have become within and as the mind where i assign mind values to everything and everyone in my world based on what will give me happiness – which comes from my fear of facing who i really am as the physical/body/substance equal to the body of plants, equal to the body of nature, equal to the body of animals etc. – equal to the hereness of this physical existence.

I am going over the ‘compartments’ within my mind – as thoughts, backchats/internal conversations, imaginations, reactions and look at how i use the mind to manipulate the body to justify my desires  – example, my desire to be ‘happy’ – which comes from my fear of facing who i am having a value equal to Life – where adding on to or subtracting from Life is abuse of Life itself.

Pumpkin Pie Mathematics

Part 1

Fear of Getting Fat

Thought: ‘This will make me fat’


Part 2


‘I don’t Like Pumpkin Pies Anyway’


Part 3



‘i like to taste
this a little bit, but i might end up eating more and end up eating a lot even
if i do not really like it’



‘Fear that no one will like me when i get fat’


Reaction : Anxiety: Fear of getting Fat, Desire of Eating Sweets


Physical Behavior: Quesy Stomach, Eyes Looking Away


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