The Solution And The Reward

FearofSurvival Flow Chart4

The Solution

1. Writing Oneself

To Birth Oneself to Stand for What is Best for All Life

(instead of self-interesr)

The Journey To Life Blog

About Self-writing
‘ you for the first time being self-intimate, as you explore the depths of your mind, and dig up, define, and put a name to all of that which happens within and without. It’s you learning to understand yourself, as well as your world, as you type everything of yourself out and within this place new statements of yourself to be lived.’And so you type out the past and create the new as the correction to be lived – because self-writing is you discovering your weaknesses, and the points you’ve for so long attempted to supress and hide – now they’ll glaringly stair you in the eye as words on the paper or screen in front of you, and as such you’re now obliged to place down the correction – as you’re to change your weaknesses into strenghts.
Self-Directed Writing
‘Self-directed writing is the application of yourself as knowing where you’re going with your writings – and that is towards a solution, towards a conclusion, towards you actually making a statement for yourself through your writings as how you’re going to change yourself, and become a more effective human being’

What is Mind-Regurgitated Writing?
‘Mind-regurgitated writing is the opposite of self-directed writing – it’s when you write hours on ends about one point, and you circle and re-write, but you never actually arrive upon a conclusion and never give yourself any clear self-direction.’
Thoughts and the Nature of Self
Your thoughts represent that nature of you – what exists within your thoughts is what you have accepted and allowed you to be.
Writing is not a reflection of thought – in writing you are here in the moment, what you write is who you have become in this moment, as in writing you see yourself before you clearly

To learn more about the mind: OTHER’s JTL Blogs2.

Forgiving ourselves and correcting ourselves

‘I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself…’

What is Self-forgiveness?
“Speaking self forgiveness is like – ‘saying sorry to yourself’, but in more deep and intimate way. Saying sorry to yourself for separating yourself from yourself, from not realising that you can actually help yourself, from making your life difficult for yourself, from being hard on yourself, from not helping yourself. And in this self forgiveness as ‘saying sorry to yourself’ you then release yourself / set yourself free from your past so that you can help yourself to create a new future for yourself inside yourself. Through self forgiveness, you let go of the burdens of the past in your mind that is haunting you, and set yourself free to take your power back to change yourself, for yourself.” ~ Sunette Destonian Spies

Self-forgiveness is the act of rebirth and giving self to self through letting the past as self go and creating a new self that can be trusted to always be what is best for all. Bernard Poolman

3.  A World That Truly Honors Life

***: Solution and The Fear of Survival Flow Chart
For more, click on this link

Humans, plants, animals, nature living as equals in a world that truly honors life where one enjoys ones expression supported by the equal monetary system- where all gets the basic necessities to survive to live in dignity


Redefining Happiness:


‘…how illness sickness, disease, virus, bacteria, essentially had become physical
mini versions of the mind’s systems as what the systems do unto the physical body
so essentially like the mind impulsing the physical body in terms of
turning against itself which is what bacteria, viruses, microorganisms
do that more and more evolved within human civilization started doing
Interview at Eqafe

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