FearofSurvival Flow Chart4
            The Problem
The Pure Application and Implication of Karma, ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ imply very simplistically that: What you Allow, even under the Disguise of so called ‘Compassion,’ would mean that – you’re going to have to Experience that Event to Understand whether That Compassion was Actually Valid or Not.
Thus, I would Investigate what I See Compassion to be, I would Investigate Spirituality and the Purity of the Belief that is Embedded within it – to See if What I Accept and Allow in this World in any way, will Come Back to Visit me as a Consequence. Creations
JTL 353

*Resonant State of Stress and Tension

The Fears:
Fear of Survival/Loss
Fear of being alone
Fear of Death
Fear of Being Sick
Fear of looking bad/ugly
Fear of Pain
Fear of Suffering
Fear of Being Poor
Fear of Difficulty etc.
These Fears are fueling our  DESIRES
Desire to Survive
Desire to Live
Desire to be Happy
Desire for Eternal Life
Desire for Love and Bliss
Desire for a relationship
Desire to eat different kinds of food
Desire to be Healthy
Desire to be Rich
Desire to work
Desire to be popular etc.
*Possible extinction of the physical through the physical being resourced for the mind to exist?
Questions We have to Answer:
a. Is it possible for the physical to be driven into extinction through the physical being resourced for the mind/energy to exist – where natural energy is being converted to unnatural energy for use by the mind – just like a laptop is connected to the socket on the wall so electricity can flow in a stream to the computer?
b. Can the nutrition that i feed my body that is a natural source of energy that the body use being taken from the cells, converted to unnatural energy, to be used by the mind whenever i participate in a positive or a negative energy experience?
*My fears which fuels my desires – are being exploited for money and profit. As businesses use tools to predict what the public want, can they predict my programming (based on my fears and desires) – using surveys etc.?
Businesses get money and profit from predicting my programing?
They package goods that i like,  in plastic containers etc. , the way i like (DESIRE)  it
to get me to buy the products for them to get money and profit.They exploit our fears and desires for money and profit.The present world system feeds our FEARS – as it translate to Money
Are we in fact sharing the same fears?
Do we support each other’s programming
where we desire  to continue existing the way we do
and profit from each other – the evil us always wanting to win
within self-interest
never really wanting a world that truly honors life based on equality
creating this world the way it is now ?
Are we creating our own ‘worst’ nightmare?
 Can the killing of plants and animals in nature for food and profit  a consequence outflow
of fear of survival fueling desire for happiness?
Is it possible to exist in a world where we can stop the mind from resourcing the physical – transforming nutrients/physical/substance to energy for it to exist – and live life as equals starting with the Living Income Guaranteed?
It is a decision we have to make because we are all birthed here on earth living this one life!

Are  we creating the same problems again and again
throughout history unwilling to stop the fear which fueled it?

The consequence:


Plants are being killed for money and profit and this will go on even if i
become a raw foodist, cooked vegan, vegetarian,  liquidarian, sun gazer or breatharian – within Fear of Survival

The Solution:

What is The Living Income Guaranteed?

More than a solution to a crisis, it should be understood as the way to guarantee that the Fundamental Human Rights to each individual are properly funded through allocating an Allowance as the access to the necessary things one requires to live in a dignified way – this is within the principle of Giving to others what we would like to receive, and if we want to live in a peaceful society, to have a happy and healthy living condition, we then must give access to this Allowance/Income as a living certainty that will eradicate the need to resort to crime, panhandling, homelessness, lacking education, health care that results in economical regression affecting every individual in society.
It is common sense that if we give an Allowance to every eligible individual to be well nourished, have proper living conditions with the fundamental necessary services, health care and leisure time, more educated beings will emerge from this when realizing that if one is given support as in getting an income to cover one’s living necessities, one learns how to give back to society too. This will be understood as a living principle that applies to every living being on Earth beyond any political, social, religious or ideological affiliation. We’re talking about physical living necessities that all human beings require to live in a dignified and sustainable way.

The Reward:

A World That Truly Honors All Life

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