Quotes by Bernard Poolman

Free Choice

Bio Feedback

“correcting your cells through self forgiveness to become self honest so you can trust the BIOfeedback you get.”

The Process

And that, yes, because it takes Years of Practice, Certainty, Stability, Walking Breath by Breath, Aware of Every Single Thing you Participate in, in Every Way, Calculating Exactly the Consequence of each Point, the Decisions to be made – so, One has got to be Very Specific. You cannot have a Single Point that is Hidden, you cannot have a Single Point about anything, that at ANY stage can be Revealed as in ANY way, where you have Acted in ANY form of Self-Interest Whatsoever – immediately, the Demon will See it. No Point to Justify. You have to be able to Show, specifically, into Eternity, that the Point that you are walking in its Consequence and Outflow: will be What is Best for All. Otherwise, the Demon simply wouldn’t Believe you – that you are, In Fact, someone that has Forgiven yourself. And that was Proven over, and over, and over, and over again – it was Quite Fascinating.

That, it shows on one side, that it is Possible to Take Responsibility for Everything and Stand with Self-Forgiveness Absolutely and obviously, within Self-Forgiveness – there is the term Self-Honesty. Self-Honesty is that which Define What is Best for All.

So, you have to Stand CLEARLY in Self-Honesty with Self-Forgiveness, if you want to Face the Demon. If you don’t do that – the Demon See the Secrets. The Demon Feed on the stuff that’s Hidden, on the Lies, the Deception.

About Heaven

There was completely a Denial of the Evil Men do with the Whole Society based on managing Evil, while presenting Beautiful Pictures and Beautiful Stories and Mythologies, and all kinds of things, trapping Every Child born on Earth into the Same Cycle of Self Abuse, Life Abuse, causing an Unending Cycle, an Infinite Cycle, of Karma that if one have to look at the Current State of Humanity, if Karma was to be the Measurement, would have made it impossible for any Being without going through an Unending amount of Lives to actually Realize what they are Doing,
The help they were getting from Heaven was in No Way focusing on an Outcome, it was Simply making sure that the Infinite Cycles continue, Rewarding those Loyal to this Abusive Pattern.


therefore, it’s going to require from Each One: A Standing, A Realization of Forgiveness and Honesty about Self within this World -, to bring to a Stop the Abuse that’s being allowed, within Self, within the Participation of Self, within this Abuse, within the Patterns, to eventually – how long it will take is Uncertain – we will have on Earth – Life as What is Best for All Lived in Peace and Harmony, where Each One will Understand Exactly how everything functions, so that No One can Abuse Another because only once everyone understand how the Mind, the Quantum Physical, theQuantum Mind, all of reality actually functions, only then can all Abuse Stop. Because as Long as One deal with Faith and Belief, you are only dealing with the Part of Reality where you do not in fact Understand how it Works. Therefore, you require Faith and Belief because you are not the actual Creator from the Perspective of Directive Principle. The Systems you create do this and they have been Programmed with a Complete lack of Understanding, and therefore, are far more Abusive then what you can Imagine. In fact just have a look at this World, and as this World is busy Imploding and Collapsing, and the Systems not Standing, and Billions are in Dire Straits – ask yourself: What will it take before you Realize that it is Only a Matter ofTime before this Mess on Earth Reach your Doorstep, and then How difficult will it be if you No Longer Have any Resources because you’ve Wasted it All on Entertaining your Own Self Interest.


“When you say – I am joy – and you experience it as a feeling of joy. I would ask you – WTF – on which planet are you? Your own? How dare you separate yourself into a state of self-created fantasy while the world is in a mess? Joy as energy and feeling is always self-created and happens in total isolation on the terms that requires you to accept the world the way it is without question and action.

When you take joy into physical action as the living word, it is no longer joy as a mental masturbation feeling. It is enjoy, the physical experience that involves two or more beings, whether it is a human, an animal, a plant or a rock. You cannot enjoy yourself alone –you can create an illusion in the mind and call it joy, and even get others to agree with you that you are full of joy, but it is not real and it will allow suffering to become accepted as it did since the first so-called master came up with the idea of joy to make sure you never live in a world where everyone can enjoy what is given by what is here as the sun and earth.

Ask yourself what allows you to sit in meditation to create a state of joy as energy and you will see that foundation of this is always money –You need money in some way to separate yourself from the real world so that you can sit in a self-created illusion that takes you far away from here to a projected reality which exist only for you on your terms. It is a form of self-interested dictatorship where you deliberately disregard the equality of all life so that you can be in a state that you like and that makes you feel great all alone and then there are some masters that claim that everyone must do this, sit and create joy – take away their food, and home and money and you will see how quickly their joy turns to sorrow. And those who have already had their joy turned into sorrow do not speak up because those still in joy will attack them and claim that they are losers and did not do it right – you should speak up and stop the abuse you still allow as sorrow is the partner of joy – you are still in a state of joy, just the flip side of the coin.

In life there is no joy – yet you can enjoy yourself

For instance

I enjoy the food
I enjoy the touch
I enjoy the dog
I enjoy planting and watering the garden
I enjoy the conversation
I enjoy the company

There are many things to enjoy and this enjoyment should not be without the dedication to create a world where everyone have equal access to enjoy themselves. This enjoyment happens in the present awareness as breath. The moment you think, the enjoyment is no longer as you have moved into the alternate reality where only you exist and where everything else must follow your dictatorship.

Joy only exist in consciousness and not in life. Consciousness is just energy –something produce by life –it is not life– it is a by-product that return to its source to be available again in some form to enjoy by life. Consciousness made it the exclusive realm of self-deception. In consciousness joy is the ability to separate yourself so completely from life here that you can deny all the guilt and shame for what has been allowed on earth. Watch out for the ones that teach joy, they also teach prosperity and only want your money. With an equal money system, there will no longer exist the need to deceive another for money and survival as all will have access to enjoy themselves.

The world is given to all to enjoy, but some have conquered it made it the exclusive realm of money and the mind. With equal money we will create a world where all can and will enjoy themselves. Then the world will be a pace of enjoy. Not as feeling, but a place where enjoyment is a living –the living word.  Study Desteni and Equal Money and make the world a place where all will enjoy life!!”

– Bernard Poolman Quotes – JOY


The Only Real Character on Earth is the Physical Body which is in a Zombie-Like State due to the Parasitic Mind Characters that Torture the Body INTO Submission through Emotion and Feelings.



If you do not live self forgiveness in detailed correction and specificity, you will end up as Enlightened with high energy capacity which will damage your body extensively over time due to energy surges, just like on the electrical grids on earth.
Make sure you do not fall in the trap of this illusion of consciousness as power, there is a consequence. For instance, Altzheimers is the result of the scar tissue formed through lots of thinking and the overload of energy either expressed or depressed that over time block the correct flow of the personality structure as the body is forced to continuously repair cells burned with energy abuse which forms layer upon layer of scar tissue.


“What is the Nature of the conflict within, and remember – nature is the actual words/thoughts.”

Energy is a by-product of life, it is not alive –we became addicted to our creation as energy and in this way we abdicated life ending up as just the light produced by energy – like a shadow of what we really are. At Desteni I Process this self deception is corrected through a self help process. Do it – before the lights go out for the final time.

“A purpose is something given to you, a form of control that reveals itself in the way the world works. This then allows one to realize if you dare that if you are not the one that gave you the purpose, you are mind controlled. The only valid purpose that will be universally sustainable for eternity is that which is best for all life in all ways. make sure you are not the result of forces –rather be the force of life that give equality as one to all. The finding of a purpose is self deception. Purpose as what is best for all is always here. Only self interest let one seek your self interest and happiness in isolation. Those that do not in every breath live and dedicate themselves to what is best for all life is in fact lost in self interest and external happiness remote control.”

‎”Ego is a projected energy self based in polarities of good and bad, love and hate that is confused by the movement of the energy of the polarity and believes that it is the energy. When the energy ends, the ego ends and with it love and hate. This world , although physically dependent on energy, is not best served with an outside illusionary entity that pretends to be life”

‎”Consciousness is the result of accumulated energies of either good or bad or both to which an ego aligns themselves as a way to validate its existence through energy experiences that is ego created”

When we realise that we are forming the picture of our reality through the way we form and accept relationship points to paint only our own picture, we are faced with a reality check. Are we going to continue with this behavior that is not serving all or are we going to stop, get everybody together and sort out our relationship with each other and our picture reality. This is in other words also the process of heaven as earth. This is a process.

“Enlightenment with many masters over the ages have failed to create a world that is best for all life as they never gave attention to what is real. It is time to wake up to the truth on earth and to stop the abuse allowed through seeking for enlightenment. The religion of Self is the final straw of division that will drive the world over the brink and cause massive suffering as it is doing already. As ONE LIFE it must be realized that only ONE WAY can be what is best for all in the physical and that is to provide for all in very way what is best. The multiple ways of enlightenment is like having multiple personality disorder which only create disorder on earth as well. Stop the self sabotage and abuse and be part of the ONE only solution on earth for all. The solution that is mathematically measurable best for all. Equal Money System!”

‎”The Right to YOUR own Opinion is Sacred in the DOGMA of the Religion of Self. This right makes the voice of the Internal God of the Self untouchable and always right regardless of the evidence to the contrary provided constantly by the physical reality. This Internal God is also called consciousness and allows apparently free choice as opinions. This makes self honesty as to what is best for all life impossible as the opinion only serves self interest. Self honesty is the tool with which one expose this internal god for what it really is, the reason behind a world in peril. Desteni is constantly attacked by those driven by the ego of the Internal God, just because Desteni propose a solution that is based on what is best for all life which will obviously lead to both the exposure of the abuse that flows from the Religion of self and because it will bring an end to individual opinions. What is best for all life is never an opinion. It is based in measurable facts in the physical.If you have self awareness of what is best for all life in the physical, with empathy and compassion enough to overcome your fear of the system and the internal god, join Desteni to bring about a world that is based on neighborly love practically driven and directed by what is best for all in the physical world. Let the hereafter worry about itself.” –

‎”Thought is the Result of the programmed back chat generator that fuels the Ego with contrasts of good and evil to justify its existence as somehow valid and informed.” – Bernard Poolman

‎”To maintain/sustain an Illusion requires energy and in the physical; energy literally meets its maker as energy of Mind is dependent on the Physical to exist. That’s why and how – when you die; you fart out of the physical as nothing of what you were remains and end-up as the energy-resonance you accepted and allowed yourself to be/become through/as Mind as the extent to which we’ve diminished ourselves from/of existence as ourselves and the physical simply returns to itself.
Stop separation – take self-responsibility and stand equal-to and one with what is here as existence as self as self’s creation to not only end-up as a fart of existence; wherein one lived a life as “F-art” instead of as “P-art” of one’s own existence, where:
one lived the statement “F-You” towards your ART as creation as existence; and accordingly faced the consequences of that separation and was Farted-out; so changing that “F-You” attitude towards your ART as existence, and standing equal-to and one with and as it, you become PART of /as what is here in Participating with your ART as creation as you and so not ending-up as just a fart, but being a part of / as what is here and actually being part of the birthing of life from the physical. Join us at”

‎”Back Chat or Self Talk in the mind is confirmation of Demon Possession, no matter if it is positive or negative in nature.” – Bernard Poolman

‎”Angels are just Positively Orientated Demons, the flip side of the coin.”

‎”There is no truth – only Denial of what is Here.”

““Believing in yourself” is the “Religion of Self” which is based in “Having Faith in Self” and “Loving this Self”. This is just another religion and a Make Belief Illusion. This is NOT REALITY. Reality is Trust in Right action that is Best for ALL LIFE in the Physical Equal and ONE. It is the Living Word as FLESH. In the Religion of Self there is only the guidelines of SELF INTEREST. This is Total separation from LIFE and the Consequence of this is THIS WORLD with for instance 3,3 Billion people Jobless in 2011. Wake up from the Dream of Being your own Savior in your own religion. To study the consequence, investigate Desteni. You will hate us for blowing your Illusion to NOTHING. Free Choice is never FREE, it is Bound to the Flesh.”

‎”Me, Myself and I is the center of the Religion of Self, A place where fear Rules disguised as Self interest and self Love.”

‎”The only person standing in your way: Is YOU”



choice without Consequence that is Polarized in Good and Bad, is the Only Choice that is FREE.



“Intimidation is the tool used in creating fear which is the foundation of brain washing and control. Fear then ends as a dislike and automatically exclude those that could change the world from actually doing so.” – Bernard Poolman

Fear indicate trust in knowledge and information

Fear is always the foundation of compromise, and therefore
decisions made in fear, will always be self-compromise

Fear is the fuel of energy



*Self Honesty is not nice or beautiful
self honesty is in a way suffering for now
not beautiful

*Investigate your childhood–there all seeds were planted
We have to find practical ways to act and assist others to realize
Self Honesty is the way to stop the suffering
now each must find self honesty
the process is equal and one in self honesty as life individually


*There is only one point in all existence that is REAL
this moment and self honesty is ONLY valid for THIS moment
the next moment you must be self honest again
it never ends

*When Self Honesty points present themselves,
be aware–it is never what you expect.

*Self Honesty is the greatest deception in the Unified filed as it focus on stopping the mind, while the mind focus on making this existence work.
In that the mind attempts to create a polarity
So, when you find a self honest point: you have to walk it no matter what till it is real and manifested in your life
or you will fall.

*When you see the same shit repeat–you did not walk your self honesty into manifestation
so–when shit repeats–you are trying to save situations of dishonesty and then you prove no self trust–and your process is longer

*STOP the SEPARATION as POLARITY in SELF honesty and then you will SEE
-the mind will turn it into honesty–and not self honesty–then you try and do the right thing–be careful
Thus for self honesty–
Do not READ anything INTO my words

*SELF HONEST is about SELF eternal as ALL

*We must participate–
because one word–
one breath –
one presence in the face of another–
may change their reflection
and change the journey for all

*Have no ideas
or it will just be an idea.



‎”Judgment is to use feelings and emotions to come to conclusions without seeing what is here for real as how it is allowed to function and control reality. Those stuck in the religion of self in self interest will refuse to consider that they could be controlled through their own minds with back chat. Man know thyself implies to also understand the origin of the voice/thoughts in the head as the howto it was created within through forces without.” – Bernard Poolman



‎”Inner peace through meditation is creating a place in the mind where one deny the physical reality so effectively that you can deny that suffering is caused by your participation in an unequal economic system”



“You do have the right to opinion about what tastes you like. You like salty food or peppery food – that is freedom of choice because those choices do not impact the ‘Right to Life.’ But anything that impact the ‘Right to Life’ is unacceptable and is equal to crime against humanity”

~ Bernard Poolman



‎”Politics have been hijacked by Big Money for Profit through brainwashed control, yet it remains the vehicle with which what is best for all will be effected. I am ONE vote for World Equality is how each person individually can make self change as what is best for all life real. Reality is the result of what we allow and accept with our daily existence as we vote for what is here. That is why we are responsible for all that exist in the way it exist. Self change is a step but it is not enough. Only as a group can real change be achieved and here Big Money made sure that each is divided into ONE alone and so humanity was conquered.” – Bernard Poolman

‎”If you dislike politics and cannot see yourself as part of it because you judge it, your brainwashing is complete as politics is the only peaceful way with which real change can happen. It is important to realize this and to become politically active to understand how the world is currently managed. Do not sabotage yourself by judging something without understanding its importance in the lives of all people in this world.” – Bernard Poolman



‎”3.3 billion unemployed in the world in 2011 shows clearly that capitalism is not the system that will bring what is best for all. The flaws in man is allowed and deliberately programmed in. Watch the century of Self and study how the work of Freud was used to create human of desire. Your desire for wealth blinds you to what is possible.” – Bernard Poolman

Eco no me is the official way the ego controls life” – Bernard Poolman

‎”Religion is in fact based in economics — if god do not decide that you may have the means to food, it was god’s will –or rather the will of money” – BernardPoolman

‎”Capitalism is so great because you allow yourself to deceive yourself to make sure you win with profit” – Bernard Poolman

‎”Jesus was NOT a Capitalist, and yet Capitalism distorts the message of Jesus for profit, competition and war. The stand of Jesus about Property ownership, Money lending and neighborly Love indicate clearly that the Christians of today are not walking in the footprints of Jesus as Equals. For the practical real Jesus Message, study Desteni and the Equality and oneness principles. It is time we take self responsibility and create a world that is best for all. That is what Jesus would have done.” – Bernard Poolman

“The pursuit of Happiness as one of the foundation teachings of the Religion of Self have placed billions into poverty and created a social system of Fake love and individual Glory. The Gore of this can be seen in how animals are driven to extinction and forests decimated just so that self may have the belief of happiness. How can any one put faith in such a religion that have splintered into the millions of Self religions that exist as the Elite with money in this world? There is no real feeling in this religions. Just self interest in the drive to profit and wealth. Investigate equal money system to save you from your delusions.” – Bernard Poolman

‎”Have you Fallen in the Trap of Religion? Have you separated yourself from your neighbor? Are you focused on Me, Myself and I as the center of your Universe? Do oyu Believe in Yourself regardless of evidence that shows that No man is an Island? Do you have so much faith in your Internal God of Thought you Live as Energy? Is your focus self Love unconditionally? You have created your own Religion, where you belief only YOU can save you? Divided you fall remember! Humanity is ONE GROUP that must learn to Live together in ways that is best for ALL. Yes, this is Heresy for the religion of Self. Wake up, before you vibrate yourself out of the opportunity to become real as Life. Investigate Desteni before your last breath or it will be your last breath.” – Bernard Poolman



Sunette Spies

“Speaking self forgiveness is like – ‘saying sorry to yourself’, but in more deep and intimate way. Saying sorry to yourself for separating yourself from yourself, from not realising that you can actually help yourself, from making your life difficult for yourself, from being hard on yourself, from not helping yourself. And in this self forgiveness as ‘saying sorry to yourself’ you then release yourself / set yourself free from your past so that you can help yourself to create a new future for yourself inside yourself. Through self forgiveness, you let go of the burdens of the past in your mind that is haunting you, and set yourself free to take your power back to change yourself, for yourself.” ~ Sunette Destonian Spies

Heaven’s Journey To life

The body SCS

Word – Joy – as living joy
I commit myself to show, each one, how to assist and support self to establish an equal and one LIVING relationship with and as WORDS, that we become actual, physical, visible living beings in and as this Physical Existence, that in fact contribute to life on earth – rather than reversing/destroying life in/as the Evil that we have become as the reverse of livE, that’s been destroying/reversing the life of our physical’s and so this physical existence in and as the illusion we’ve created as the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY that is a reality that is separate from everything/everyone in this Existence – and is the reason/why us Human Species is the only one within this ENTIRE physical existence, that destroy, instead of contribute and co-exist.

I commit myself to show, with for example having a look at the word JOY, and how we have connected it/defined it in ENERGY as images/experiences in the MIND and has in fact become a word, an experience, an image that vary in human being’s Minds according to what will serve their own Self-Interest. At Desteni, we propose an LIVING of JOY as a word that stand in and as the principle of equality and oneness, as what’s best for all and not in the consequential mind-energy relationship with a starting point of self-interest that it currently exist as in the Minds of human beings, that’s created/perpetuated more CONSEQUENCE than actual, real, visible, physical living JOY in and as this actual, real world. And so, propose the definition of LIVING JOY – where each human being, each part of this existence – has an equal and one opportunity to life and living from birth to death. This would be best for all, and so best for self – knowing, that self’s life, as all’s life and so the children to come is taken care of and cared for, waking in the mornings not in the fear and sorrow of what the day might bring as the uncertainty that life has become in this World due to our current accepted and allowed relationship to the current World System, but that each day awakened into brings forth an OPPORTUNITY as life and what we can learn from each other, how we can expand and develop ourselves and each other, than how it exist now – as living in constant fear of ourselves, of each other as what ‘life’ has become in and on this earth and Humanity.
The Body
I commit myself to show, how each one of us – in and as physical equality and oneness, realise that our Hearts Beat, that we Breathe in every moment – and this PHYSICAL HEART and Breath, exist equal and one in and as ALL Human Beings, and this is a primary realisation that should be considered in re-aligning this World System to equality and oneness with Humanity, as proposed in and as the Equal Money System – to ensure that each heart beats, that each breath taken – each beating heart of the physical beats to its fullest potential with all physical necessities and provisions afforded to all, equally as one, to take care of the Physical Body, and so our living in and as this Physical Existence, and in this equality and oneness – come together and stand together in how we can develop an equilibrium of life on Earth.

I commit myself to show, that – it’s not an “opening of the heart” that will give one access into “eternal love” – all of such talk is abstract, figurative, metaphorical as IMAGINED in the Mind of the quantum reality of Energy which is very easy to do – especially when you have your physical world taken care of and cared for, I mean – then, one can create whatever quantum reality you want in the Mind of Energy. However – creating an actual, real, physical reality of “eternal love”, where each human being coming into this world is equally as one taken care of and cared for: Now that takes Real Courage, Real Responsibility and Real Action with standing in a context, a starting point that is MORE than one’s own self-interest within and as the Mind, creating love/joy experiences that suit one’s own Personalities/views/experiences of ‘life / self’ on Earth.  And so, I suggest considering that – it should not be about ‘opening our hearts’ – I mean, we’re not even in an equal and one relationship with our BREATHING, walking equal and one with the physical body, let alone the actual beating heart, the beating of physical life – so, our separation from our own physical bodies is astounding. Furthermore, we don’t have a HEART, from looking at the metaphorical/figurative relationship to it as having any form of ‘real love’, we’ve got ‘imagined love’ – but it’s definitely not REAL, because if it was REAL, the REALITY of Love would SHOW in and as this physical existence in the Lives of all of Humanity: which it most certainly does not. Therefore, jumping to ‘opening your heart’ when one’s EYES is not even open to SEEING the reality of who one is in the Mind, the consequences of thoughts, words and deeds in the creation of our own lives and the effects this has on other human beings’ lives and so all of humanity/this physical existence: is not an OPENING of anything, but more of a further BLINDING of seeing our equal and one responsibility to what we in fact accept and allow in THIS Physical Existence.
Therefore, I commit myself to show, if anything, what must be OPENED first: is our EYES, our I’s as the mInd – ‘opening’ within the context of really SEEING into and as the Mind, walking through the dimensions of the Mind from the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical – all of which is being walked in DesteniEQAFE, Heaven’s Journey to Life Blogs and can also see the living examples of those walking through the VEIL, the BLINDS of the Mind/Consciousness as Energy in and as the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs – to in this OPENING and SEEING face, take responsibility for and really establish self as the Living Solution to and as the Evil we’ve become as the Mind/Consciousness as Energy – where one essentially see, realise and understand how we’ve created ourselves into ENERGY beings in a PHYSICAL REALITY, and how for that Energy to exist, it’s resourced/mined from/of the Physical Body, and then we align ourselves/our definitions and our living to ENERGY in the MIND instead of actually, really, in fact LIVING in and as this Physical Existence. And as we’re blinded in and through energy in separation from the Physical, we do not see the CONSEQUENCE we create as the Mind-Physical relationship in our own lives and so that of humanity/this physical existence as a whole. And so, this is why/how – opening your heart is another EVIL wool-thread of us wolves in sheep clothing, continuing with the deceptive woolly front, when within and behind it all, we’re the very ROOTS, the very sources/origins of what ‘life on earth’ is/has become and continuing to exist as.
And so, I commit myself to show – the deception, the evil, with ‘opening the heart’, when our EYES, our I’s – physically and mentally is not even OPEN to the direct-consequence we create and contribute to in and as this Physical Existence and for which we have not yet taken responsibility for in ANY WAY. That, it’s interesting, that so many human beings ‘opening their hearts’, yet CLOSING THEIR EYES and I’S into the mInd – would believe that in any way after death, there awaits REWARD, with the extent of abuse that is being accepted and allowed with every physical heartbeat, and every physical breath in and as this physical existence, with not ensuring/taking responsibility for the life on earth we’re contributing to and participating in, directly and indirectly within and as the current World System’s relationship to Humanity and this Physical Existence. Another, real, practical physical opening would be that of the Money System and the Resources of this Physical Existence – distributed equally, as one for all to have an equal and one life/living in and on this Earth, this Physical Existence.
I mean, if anything, what must be considered is, what if: we all placed ourselves in the utmost separation within Existence, to see who we really are in and as our real, inherent, true nature, essentially “testing ourselves” – WHO ARE WE REALLY. And, what is clearly showing, is that there’s not an ounce of “heart”, of “goodness” within humanity, because if there REALLY was – we wouldn’t have let one person live in inferiority to anyone else within the Physical. I mean, WHY has no-one challenged the principles of the Angels, Masters, Gurus in heaven that spew the bullshit of the people in wars, famine, poverty, starvation having their lives being ‘their choice’ / ‘facing Karma’ – when, with Studying the MIND, what can be TRACED in detail is how/why the World System and this physical existence is the way it is because of HUMAN CHOICES/DECISIONS made in Self-Interest in the Mind and not in the Interest of All in equality and oneness here; that if we have humans realigning the World System to equality and oneness, ensuring that everything / everyone is taken care of/cared for/educated – we’d have a changed world from a living perspective, with much of the consequences created by the current world system stopped, such as crime, robbery, wars etc.
So, it’s time to REALLY open your Eyes – see what’s going on in this World, and open your I’s as the mInd to see, face and realise the extent of responsibility/contribution that exist of self, self’s living to humanity/this physical existence as a whole. That we can SORT OUT HERE, and stop blinding ourselves in quantum energy realities of the Mind, and open REAL THINGS that can REALLY make a difference to this existence, such as the Money System and Resources, that is damned up, damning the majority of humanity to inconceivable conditions of suffering in this existence, that can change if humans but change from the Mind, into actual, real physical Livin

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