Life After Death

Story of Bernard

History with life After Death

Part 1

At the End of 1984, I was introduced to a Man that Opened up a Field of Study I Never could have conceived. It was like a Doorway that Opened to the Realms of Life After Death. Fortunately for me, shortly after meeting the Man – I married into the Family. In the Family, there was a History of Gifts and the Man, who became my father in law, was already known as a Child for his Prophecies about Future Events in the World that came true. Furthermore, this Man was specifically used for his Gifts by Military Intelligence during the Second World War, where Events took place that was critical in Nature to form an interaction through After Death Communication that eventually would lead, approximately 20 years later, to the Formation of Desteni.

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Part 2

So, how did this All Start. I was sitting one evening watching a movie on television with the Man and the room was quite dark. The next moment a different Voice came from the chair telling me to put off the television, and here I was having Conversations with Beings from Beyond the Veil, quite unexpectedly.
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Part 3 Day 168

So, as I mentioned, all indications were that there was some form of existence After Death that somehow were trying to relate back to Life on Earth, but the extent of the Memories was definitely not as Visually contextually specific as would be with one’s own Memories.

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