8 Stages of Process

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Interviews from the Farm 92: The 8 Stages of Process


By: Bernard Poolman
We’ll have a talk about the 8 basic steps a person goes through in their process.
The steps are:

(1) The Self-Deceiver
Self-Deceivers are those that design deliberately, systems within which they have Complete Control and Benefit and where they trap people through the written word, legal word, into these systems and make sure that they believe it unquestionably, so that they remain in control of the System. So the Elite, Illuminati and so on, falls in the level of the Self-Deceiver – also those that write the religious books and get followers from that perspective, all within the realm of Self-Deceivers. They are presenting Humanity as an existent force that is “faulty,” and has no Opportunity or Means to Ever be anything more than “Completely Fucked.” Okay?

Then you get those that – the next step, which is, from there you move from Self-Deceiver to (2) Self-Loser.

What is a Self-Loser? A Self-Loser is one that has gone to the Pinnacle of their Self-Deception – realized that they were just harming others in what they were doing, and then they “Give up” everything and they virtually become a beggar, and they collapse in the system completely. They then become a “Constant Loser,” they refuse to participate in anything, they withdraw from society, and they would at that stage, see themselves as incapable of ever “amounting to anything,” and simplistically either eventually moving on to the next stage or becoming completely demented and obviously die and have to do the next cycle.

The third step is the (3) Self-Illusionist.

The Self-Illusioner is somebody that unquestioningly participates in the system according to what they’ve been taught by their parents. So if the parents was a Christian, they’re a Christian. They read their Bible. They do All the things that are required of them according to their education to be a “Good Person” in the System. They are not asking any questions. They accept the system and the world the way it is and the accept the position and the “where they are” in the world as it is, and they have no qualms with, they are very happy with it, they work within the System. They’re completely Self-Illusioners. That means, they cannot even perceive of the illusion at all.

Next ones are the (4) Self-Delusioners.

These ones are actively participating in talking themselves into delusion. They use things like meditation, mantras, prayers, energy work and so on, where they Create their Own Delusion by Actively Participating in methods of creating delusion, and then they promote their illusion as their experience as if it was real. There you have your Charismatic Ones, your Light Workers, your Islamic –

Darryl: Gurus, basically.

Yeah, basically all those that are working towards a “Higher Position” away from the “Lower Position,” and thus creating a Greater Gap in the separation, and they are doing it deliberately and they call it their own “self-betterment.” They do not work for Perfection. They are making themselves “better.” “Better” than others. They do not Realize the Interconnectiveness of all things and how separation would influence everything through Polarity – and therefore, go to the Extreme point, because in that they are – it’s called in Afrikaans, “Self-heerlekken,” they are “self-realized” glorifying themselves. So your Light Workers or those that are moving towards that perspective of a “Greater Light” or “Ascension” and so on, that is a point they called Self-glorification, where you are Glorifying Yourself as God, when you are not that In Fact. You are not In Fact as That Perfection, you’re In Fact not living it, you’re not In Fact That Divinity but you Claim That Divinity – that is Self-Glorification. That is Great Deception. Okay? You’ve all seen that mentioned before.

Then… from there you move on to the point of the (5) Self-Justifiers.

The Self-Justifier has to a degree have realized that there are certain things that is “Not Okay” in Reality. But they will justify their point of view because they’ll utilize reason, logic and so on, from the perspective of n Free Will and the fact that they have a Right to it because of all their previous experiences already they have built this idea about themselves and therefore they will justify their positions, and instead of building Groups of Strength that can bring a difference or correction in this world, they will specifically Justify how they will Divide groups. They will Justify why only Their View Is Right when their Point of View when Practically Applied will not be Best For All. But they will be Unwilling to embrace what is Best For All because they will Feel that they will Lose their Identity, because they don’t have enough Self-Value as who They Are. They require Some Form of Separation to have Identity, and that is obviously their Downfall and they will have Justifiable Reasons Why their Fear or Point of Separation is Valid according to them, and then go as far as saying, “I don’t care what You think about it, but this is Right for Me – and I will walk This, and I will give you the Same Right to Do This; not realizing in that you are separating everyone and in fact embracing the Very System from the Deceivers and the Losers and all the previous stages that are inherent in who you are.

From the Self-Justifiers, you then get at last to a point where a sense of forgiveness, of humbleness and a sense of Oneness is Realized. Understand that the Oneness within the Self-Justifier never embraces equality. The Oneness is the Oneness of the Self-Delusion. The Self-Delusioner move to the Self-Justifier where they claim the Oneness is a form of Uniqueness, as a form of Free Will. But that is delusional. The Self-Delusioners will be using things like the Law of Attraction, they will use Trancing, not realizing that whenever you Trance, You Are Possessed! I mean, that is what a Trance mean! Something takes you Over of an Energetic Nature and you have Created It Yourself – therefore, you have created a Trance.

Matti: “It’s like a Self-Sovereignty.”


Matti:“That Oneness.”

Yes. Okay. So when you get to – from the Justifier, you move to the (6) Self-Realizers.

A Self-Realizer is somebody that is starting to realize that there is a Problem and that they have to do Self-Correction. And they will be using Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty extensively from the perspective of Walking Backwards In Their Life and reassessing existence and their lives by doing everything in reverse, and thus doing correction. They are not yet at the stage where they will start looking at Perfecting Themselves, they are still just Correcting Themselves. Therefore they are Still Building Self-Trust, Self-Trust is not yet existent, but they realize it’s gonna be a Process and they are walk that process. The Self-Realizers is the ones that will Walk the process of the 7 Year Process – that’s your 7 Year Process.

From the Self-Realizers you go to the (7) Self-Perfecters.

The Self-Perfecters have reached the Point of Nothing. They have reached the Point from the Perspective of Being Here As Breath and now they are starting to Direct Themselves in their practical, active Participation in this world with Very Clear Principles which they Stand By, No Matter What. That stage, the Self-Perfecters you’re now starting to Apply Equality within Self-Perfection in your Daily Life and you are now starting to understand Your Role you play within Creation and how it Plays Out and how Within Limitation can Be Perfect within and as Breath.

Once you’ve got that Clearly, cuz that’s still Labor, you have to Labor to do it, you have to Program to do it, you have to Become it. You’re still in Process, the level of the Self-Perfectors. Once that is Done, you come to the final point existent in this Reality, which is (8) Self-Here. Then you’re just Here and you are able to Move Between All of the Dimensions that is existent Without Any Effort. Okay?

So, this is the Stages One can Define to Assist you when you are Dealing with somebody to See Where They Are and when you Know where they are, How To Approach Supporting them in their process using Common Sense, using Self-Honesty and using the Principle of the Eventual Self-Perfection that Must Come after Self-Correction and Self-Realization.

Makes Sense?

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