My Story

The Ego/Character/Personality


Mathematics of Life


Redefining the Word ‘June Roca’


Who  “I” Am


How I Defined Myself Into Creation As A Female Personality

I Stole My Identity

My Story

Part 1

Part 2


My Personality Profiles


My Food Diet Story

Cancer And Me


My Agreement (“Relationship”) with Leon


Me as the Earth


Me as Plants


Me as Animals


Me as Oneness


Me and ‘Destiny’


Groups Created in Fb:

Redefining Raw Food

Redefining Health

Redefining Self-Realization

Redefining Love

Redefining Fear

Redefining Thoughts

Redefining Money

Redefining Sex


“Speaking self forgiveness is like – ‘saying sorry to yourself’, but in more deep and intimate way. Saying sorry to yourself for separating yourself from yourself, from not realising that you can actually help yourself, from making your life difficult for yourself, from being hard on yourself, from not helping yourself. And in this self forgiveness as ‘saying sorry to yourself’ you then release yourself / set yourself free from your past so that you can help yourself to create a new future for yourself inside yourself. Through self forgiveness, you let go of the burdens of the past in your mind that is haunting you, and set yourself free to take your power back to change yourself, for yourself.” ~ Sunette Destonian Spies

Self-forgiveness is the act of rebirth and giving self to self through letting the past as self go and creating a new self that can be trusted to always be what is best for all. Bernard Poolman



Facing Relationships Facing Personalities

Pattern of Individuality:

Personality Platform – Automation System

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