Solution Blueprint: The ‘Postponement’ Character

The ‘Postponement’ Character

  Solution Blueprint 

Here i am doing a Solution Blueprint for the ‘Late’ or ‘Postponement’ Character, where i started with a To Do List and i am bringing you with/as me in this journey to life where i direct myself through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application as i get you to peep through my breath by breath moment by moment  movement of myself . The x and / correspond to tasks i have done (/) and not done (x). I am looking at who i have become as the ‘Late’ character and step out of the character – showing my breath by breath movement.

This is done in conjunction with the 21 Days Breathing Application:

  1. 21 Days Breathing: Solution Blueprint1 Part 8 Day 6 Raw Food, Blogging: 9-9-2012 JTL Blog Day 148 
  2. 21 Days Breathing: Solution Blueprint2: Raw Food, Shower, Assignment Sept 10, 2012 Day 150 Part 9 Day 7 
  3. 21 Days Breathing: Solution Blueprint : Food, Blogs and Assisting The Body JTL Day 151 Sept 11, 2012 
  12. Solution Blueprint Update Day 12                                                  
    1. The Word ‘Overwhelmed’ Day 176: Solution Blueprint: ‘Late’ Character
    2. The Word ‘Time’ Day 177: Solution Blueprint: ‘Late’ Character
    3. The Word ‘Here’ Day 178: Connected to Sadness: Solution Blueprint: Part 2: 21 days Breathing Part 2 
    4. ‘What Do I do Next?’ ‘I Might Forget’: ‘ Day 179: ‘Postponement’ Character




The Word WAIT

  1. The Word Wait Connected To The Word Love:

My Experience of The Word WAIT:


Previous Blogs Done:

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