ELF: Bill of Rights English with Filipino Translation

Equal Life Foundation Security

Living Income Guaranteed English

Living Income Guaranteed Filipino

 Equal Life Foundation: Mission Statement


The Equal Life Foundation was created to bring forth the awareness and understanding that all life stands equal to all other aspects of life. This is premised on the fact that all living beings have and hold the inherent rights to and of life, equal by and for every living being, all as equal to each other without the illusions of separation and hierarchy, or impaired by the overlays of man-made systems and constructs of the mind.


 Ito ay itinatag magmula sa katotohanan na ang lahat na nabubuhay dito sa lupa  ay mayroong likas na karapatan sa buhay kapantay ng karapatan ng bawa’t isang nilalang, kung saan ang lahat ay kapantay ng bawa’t isa at ito ay walang ilusyon ng pagkakahiwalay at pagkakaruon ng rangko ng bawa’t isa o kaya pagkakaruon ng hindi maliwanag na mga inilatag na sistema na pinagsamasamang bahagi ng isip.


Bill of Rights No. 1 An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available 


Bill of Rights No.2  An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments


Bill of Rights No. 3 An Equal Right of Safety and Security for every Child, so that a life free of fear, insecurity and trauma is assured, a life in which parental guidance is balanced


Bill of Rights No. 4 Equal Housing Right that assures every being and every family a stable home environment that is nurturing and supportive of life


Bill of Rights No. 5 An Equal Education Right that supports every individual in his or her pursuit of excellence and fulfillment of potential


Bill of Rights No. 6 places every living being on the land they choose to call their home, where living bodies walk upon the soil from which their lives are nourished and sustained


Bill of Rights No. 7 Free Association that provides a social and economic milieu that is dynamic, interactive and free of constraints, out of which new ideas, concepts, technologies and productivity that enhance and advance what is best for all can emerge


Bill of Rights no.8 Research, Technology, and other scientific endeavors and practical  manifestations that are freely applied first to the remediation and rebalancing of the physical environments and ecosystems of the earth


Bill of Rights No. 9 Free and unencumbered access to whatever is required to pursue careers of excellence that advance the planetary community into new realms of life enhancing technologies


Bill of Rights No. 10 Peace, Abundance and Prosperity, free of threat of harm, violence or destruction, where life is upheld as the highest value


Bill of Rights No. 11 Self-Governance without external controls of artificial government to impair and control the life force of society and every component part thereof


Bill of Rights No. 12 a life that is lived unfettered by constraints of psychological and emotional manipulation, a life that is free to express itself without inhibition or fear of retribution 


Bill of Rights No. 13 insuring that no man, organization or institution can manipulate the monetary and financial systems to their own self-aggrandizement to the detriment of what is best for all


Bill of Rights No. 14 Spirit is understood as the inspiration of the in-breath and out-breath of every being 


Bill of Rights No. 15 All Equal Rights of Life are founded upon the principle that all Living Beings are endowed with the unalienable rights of self-determination and the fundamental assurances of the minimum qualities of life


Bill of Rights No. 16 Pollution Free Planet


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