Team Life


At Desteni, we Investigated Karma in Observing Countless Beings at the Moment of Death to See What Emerge from the Body. We have done Numbers of Interviews on this, but let me Explain again:
What Emerge is a Life Force, Diminished to a Level which is Equal to a Complete Life on Earth Wasted. As NOTHING that occur on Earth is Transferred at Death, as ALL of it is Based on the Quantum Mind, the Quantum Physical as Memory and Energy that is Subject to the Physical Body Substance for its Existence. When the Body Dies: EVERYTHING you Are that you Know of yourself – Ends, Purely because the Total Personality Consciousness of the Human is an Illusion.
Obviously, anyone that Claims to Communicate with ‘The Dead’ – should be Able to be on the Other Side with the Millions that Die and Investigate this, and thus Report the Actual Truth of Reality. But, those that Claim to Communicate with the Dead: Only do so for…Money, and Not to Help an Actual Being to Transcend That which Imprison them, which is the Mind.

The Desteni-Solution presents One with the Tools that do not Only Help you in This Life, but it Also Helps you to Face Death and you are Properly Prepared to Enter Life, In Fact, as a Full-Realised Life-Form.
The Desteni-Process is a Most Difficult Process, because it is a LIVING-Process – it is about your Breath-by-Breath LIVING – to be in Full Awareness, Understanding the TOTAL Functioning and Methodology you use to Create Illusions as Consciousness, so you can Stop Creating these Illusions. This is the ONLY Commonsense Way you can be Empowered Effectively, and the ONLY Way that One will Really Ever Understand – Consciousness. Because, unless you Understand How to Create Consciousness in minute Detail: you are quite a Fool to Trust it in any way Whatsoever. Or a Danger to Others to Trap them in Consciousness through ‘Love and Light’ Feelings – without Explaining to them, Exactly, in Detail How this is Created. All the Methods used by the Consciousness-Movement, to create Higher Vibrations and Feelings – are without the Know-How that present the Exact-Mechanics of its Creation.

This has Evolved/Developed over Generations, and is the Example of the Sins of the Fathers that is Visited Upon the 6th and the 7th Generation, where no-one can Remember, Exactly, how it All Started and No-one Really cares, because: it ‘Feels Good’.
Consciousness is Like Metaphysical Heroin / Cocaine – highly Addictive, highly Destructive. The Only Problem is: you can’t take a Photo of the before and after like with Normal Drugs. Because, the Mind through which this is Viewed: are Frequency-controlled and the Imagination through which the Illusion is Created – is Not Understood whatsoever as it is Tuned to Create the Addictive Substances like Feelings and Love, Coloured in with Lights of Brightness.

Those Willing and Able to Still Hear this – would Realise that: Correcting the Problem that has existed for Many Generations, will most probably take a Lifetime of Dedication. That’s Why at Desteni we Ask that one Dedicate your Life to Life as What is Best for All. And those that have Applied the Tools have Gained the Self Awareness, the Self Realisation to See this for themselves. In that, their Self-Reward is that they are No longer Controlled by Imagination, or Feelings, or Consciousness, or Thought.

The ULTIMATE Self-Reward happens at Death, as What Emerge on the Other Side – is a Being Fully Realised. Of All the Masters throughout the Ages, Only One has managed to Complete this Journey through Death – back to the Physical, and that was Lau Tzu.
So, study his works – but Not through the Eyes of Consciousness, rather through the Eyes of Desteni; and That will Ensure your Destiny as Life.

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