Self forgiveness is the ‘release’ of the system constructs within you, you have defined you acording to ‘who you are’ as the personality of the mind. In applying self forgiveness effectively – you become ‘aware’ of what you have accepted and allowed the nature of you as ‘who you are’ to become according to which you have defined you as being. Yet – self forgiveness is not enough and will be useless without practical application as you participate in this world, and the practical application and self forgiveness must be done within and as brutal self honesty as you.

Practical application, when you actually live and apply the correction of that which you have applied self forgiveness for – for instance: Let’s say you applied self forgiveness for when you become anxious around a certain specific being – then, when you are in the presence of the being once again and you experience the anxiety coming up, you are now aware because of applying self forgiveness, that this anxiety exists becasue of what you’ve accepted and allowed you to define ‘you’ as being and that this anxiety is not who you are – then self honesty in application in the moment immediately is to live the practical application of the self forgiveness you have done through stopping the anxiety immediately in that moment within you – through saying: STOP – out loud, or out loud within you. This STOP! is a self statement of who you are in the moment according to what you will accept and allow and what you will not accept and allow – so, in stopping the anxiety immediately – you make a self statement of ‘who you are’ in that moment – stating that you are not this anxiety and will thus not accept/allow it within you.

If the anxiety continue even after you say: STOP – you know your self forgiveness application was not effective – because somewhere inside you, you’re still accepting and allowing you to define ‘who you are’ as ‘anxiety’. And the anxiety will come up – self forgiveness doesn’t take it away – you have to stop it in every moment when you are aware of it coming up – immediately and not participate in it – becasue this is how you test your application in every moment of breath in presence and self honesy as you. Within this process of application – you become self aware, within this process you establish and manifest who you are – as ‘who you are’ here within and as self honesty as you as the manifested expression in practical living application in every moment of breath.

(Bernard Poolman)


Self-Forgiveness cannot be Faked

This is important to realize, if you are unable to place self forgiveness in words as harmonic rythm and flow in writing or in words – you are not self honest yet. I find writing out the forgiveness in full while breathing to be very present in the experience and very effective in self discipline – to do it for self-effective – and complete as self nurturing and self honoring as life – as a constant reminder what it is about – self directing and self responsibility – when self trust is confirmed in self honesty – you will find what you trust you with to be effective.

Life is a moment – a breath – we take in – self forgiveness – and blow out – self honesty. Thus – in the circle of life, we stop the circle with self forgiveness and then start a new life every moment in self honesty.

In this way we purify ourselves and the environment we participate in and thus have a direct influence on the future of the world.

We are then equal to our own effectiveness in self honesty and self forgiveness and in total control/directive power of our lives.

(Bernard Poolman)


Self-Forgiveness and Specificity


So recently ive been in this cycle of self abuse. ive been smoking cigarettes weed and chewing tobacco and occasionally drinking since i forgave them. I am here writing this to say STOP NO MORE I am here to live my forgiveness and actually make this world a better place i am tired of not caring what i do to myself as long as i get the stimulation my mind desires. why do i desire it? because i know i like it but i know there are consequences to it ive mindfucked myself into liking the stimulation when i know it is wrong to do these things.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have mindfucked myself into enjoying stimulation such as drinking chewing smoking weed and cigarettes when i know it is self abuse.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have been selfish instead of standing up and realizing that i must stop these things to end self abuse.

I am standing up as equal and one to all of me and saying no more no more self abuse through using tobacco and alcohol to stimulate myself after i have already forgiven it.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself as more then life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself as this self delusion. I am still not real life someone on my facebook helped me awaken to the fact that i am not real that i still rely on memories. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself as the belief that i can forgive myself for being an illusion rather than actually living my words.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to think.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself as the song lyrics “all around the world city to city”

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to call song lyrics inside my mind memories rather than what i am experiencing as me as my mind in this moment.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that forgiveness can fix everything. I am allowing and accepting self correction I am standing as self correction.

It has been over twenty one days and i still have yet to stand up and commit to a four count breath.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting the fear that I have sold myself to mind and will never be able to stand as equal and one with all that is me and do this process.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear hearing the words that i will not be able to do this process if i listen unconditionally.

this has alll stemmed from a moment when i was feeling low and saying to myself within myself that i dont care if i die that i can be sucked dry by the mind. I am not allowing and accepting that.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself as memory of me at my grandmothers today thinking about buying and tin of chew.

I suggest, to assist/support yourself with Self-Effectiveness and Specificity to walk with Self-Direction, is to Stabilize yourself within the Walking/Facing of you as this Point of Addiction through structuring your Self-Forgiveness more specifically and effectively and within-That, you’ll assist/support yourself with self-direction and stability.

If you look at the writing of your Self-Forgiveness in relation to the Point you’re facing as Addiction/Substance-Abuse – your writing / looking at the point is all over the place/inconsistent and unstable, not actually taking-on the actual core/source/origin points within yourself that you’re facing in relation to this point of abuse. So – when taking-on this point, do it properly, effectively and specifically for-Yourself and walk-it as efficiently as you’re able to.

This is done through walking one Point at a time, for example – Addiction and one’s accepted and allowed manifested-consequence as self-abuse within participating-in/existing as addiction.

Then, you take a look at Addiction within yourself and your world, the specifics and details of how it manifest within you and your world and you apply your self-forgiveness accordingly – focusing on opening-up the details/specifics of how you’re existing-as abuse through addiction. And you make sure your self-forgiveness is ‘in alignment with’ what you’re facing as you.

Therefore, suggested – to take on this point properly and effectively, write out the framework of what you’re facing in relation to addiction and the abuse within that, so you can see what you’re facing as you, then apply self forgiveness specifically in relation to the specific point that you’re facing, then – write how you’re going to assist/support you to change you and then actually live your words of/as self-change to in fact change you.

So – pull up your socks, discipline yourself and become effective and specific.



The dictionary for applying Self-Forgiveness


Can we use a dictionary for applying Self-Forgiveness? Do you want me to apply Self-Forgiveness for everything I do, sense there is no right or wrong?


If you have the ‘time’ you can do a page or so out of a dictionary a day. I did that a while back too. Just sat with a dictionary and flipped through the pages and any word that ‘jumped’ out at me I did forgiveness on. I also did it with a Louise Hay book on metaphysics.

There is no right or wrong – just what supports you and each person and animal in this world and is self-honest in the moment.


What exactly am I forgiving?


I find that with forgiveness, It can sometimes be tricky as to what exactly I are forgiving. For example you could forgive yourself for laughing at someone who falls down. Do you forgive the action, or the actual subconscious reasoning you’ve developed in order to find humor in a situation such as that?

Once all events flow through you without any change within in any way till atomic level- then you are clear in that moment, obviously every moment then must be clear. Thus – any reaction or thought – self forgiveness.

You will see when it has changed and again, in this no validation is possible as if I validate, the transcendence no longer is valid and you will time loop again, because SELF realization is also SELF validation within SELF honesty.


A Self-Forgiveness Experience


I wanted to message you to tell you that I was watching a video about forgiveness, and then I watched your main video about the importance of forgiving oneself. Everyone knows about forgiveness, but not very much about “self-forgiveness.”

I guess I finally understood. I made a list of people that I felt had hurt me. It was a loooong list. Then I went through and said “I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel hurt by (whoever). Then I went through and said “I forgive you (whoever).

I’m only 1/3 through my list, and my stomach area is no longer a hole. It has strength and feels like there is a balloon blowing up inside of it. I cannot believe how much better I feel. It’s some kind of strength.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about it, and thank you for your work. You’re helping people, if they would only listen. You are pretty advanced for the general public.

I also have studied a bit of Gurdjieff. I found some of his books with his actual teachings in them when I was on my spiritual quest about 12 years ago. I was doing the stop exercise, and also the part where you look at things that have happened in the past, and look at them through adult eyes. Wow! I did have the same thing happen to me when I did these examinations of important things in the past. Right around my rib cage, it felt like a balloon was blowing up inside of me. It’s energy, right?

Nothing bothered me for 5 days. I kept looking at the ground because I couldn’t say that my feet were touching the ground. It didn’t feel like they touching. It was an incredible experience.

Anyway, you are a very unusual and advanced person. Thank you for your work. Your emphasis on forgiving oneself is very advanced knowledge, and it works! I hope you continue to tell people how important it is, and that they can make progress and see results “immediately.” That’s what it was, immediate. I wonder how long it would take a psychologist to produce results like that. Probably never.


To assist further, with regards to self-forgiveness – is to be specific within the self-forgiveness applied – the specificity within the application of self-forgiveness will assist within the specificity of the release and realization within and as and of self.

Realize it is important in assisting and supporting self to apply self-forgiveness within absolute self-honesty – because if self-forgiveness is merely empty words spoken, the memories remain and suppression of self of the mind is enhanced.

Therefore, the ‘most effective’ was, as I would suggest, is to actually ‘write’ that which you have experienced within you towards the beings, and to as and while and during you write – to apply self-forgiveness. Because realize, that what we experience within ourselves – towards anyone or anything, that someone or something towards which we have reacted within ourselves in thought or deed, is but a reflection of what is existent within ourselves.

For instance, an example: Let us say you were within a situation of confrontation with another human being, and thoughts of judgment and ridicule entered your mind. The suggestion is to apply self-forgiveness for the judgments and ridicules within one’s mind as for instance: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think within me, that he is a self-centered bastard. And so you continue with the thoughts and reactions within you directed towards another as you. Because when you judge someone within you, within the mind = your judgment-reaction ‘shows you’ – that, that which the other person did that caused the judgment, you’re actually also doing to others – the other person, was merely showing, what you accept and allow within you also to do/speak towards others.

So, whenever something irritates you, or frustrates you, or angers you, meaning ‘triggers a reaction within you’ – realize that that person is actually representing what you’re still accepting and allowing to exist within and as you. So, what you do, in assisting and supporting you effectively – is firstly: When a reaction is triggered within you – apply self-forgiveness for the thoughts and emotions as reactions experienced within you – until there exist no movement within you. Then you have a look at where and when within your world – do you do that exact same thing as the person did who triggered the reaction of irritation/frustration/sadness/anger/judgment within you. From here – you assist and support you within self-corrective application to stop acting/doing that very same thing. This is self-forgiveness, applied in self-honesty together with self-corrective application applied in self-honesty = where within self-forgiveness, you recognize and realize what you have accepted and allowed, and within this realization – you stop what you have accepted and allowed within practical application = so you purify you completely.

The same goes for instance within comparison – when you think/believe within yourself that someone is ‘more than you’, then that aspect of them you think ‘makes them more than you’ – you have no accepted and realized as you, yourself. For instance, let’s say you view/experience another human being as ‘more’ ‘open’ than you are – and compare your ‘openness’ towards another, herein, realize – that because the comparison exists – that you have actually not accepted and realized you as openness, and the comparison within you, towards another = reveals that which you haven’t accepted and realized as yourself. So, here – again, first apply self-forgiveness for the mind-activity: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compare ‘openness’ towards another human being and define ‘openness’ within another human being in separation of me. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate me from openness. I accept me as openness. Then, whenever a comparison of openness towards another come up again – you stop the comparison within the mind, and state: I am openness.

So, the specificity within self-forgiveness applied in self-honesty together with self-corrective application – will determine the specificity of self-expression in self-trust here.

No – the ‘blowing up’ is not ‘energy’, ‘energy’ is a limited design of the mind, representing the ‘life force’ of the mind, and you as who you really are is not energy as life for of the mind. The experience you’re having is the suppression of you that is ‘releasing’ – and the expression of you ‘stepping forth’ within and as you. It’s actually a ‘release’ that is experienced.

The ‘floating experience’ is also that of ‘release’ – though, to assist and support you to not define yourself in separation according to an ‘experience’ as that of release – stabilize yourself here, stabilize yourself within and as your breathing, and ensure you are self-aware here within and as your human physical body as you. This is done by being aware of the tips of your toes and tips of your fingers – which will assist and support to ensure you’re HERE within and as breath within and as the physical human body – not ‘losing yourself’ within an experience = which would be separation.

The reason I suggested the writing also, is that it’ll assist within specificity of self-forgiveness applied within self-honesty.

(Bruce L.)


Self Forgiveness and Separation


So now in my experience during forgiveness, i am using words like, “I am not my mind” or “my mind is not who I really am” Yet, this is not so. I at the moment am my mind so when i use the above phrasing, I am actually lying to myself. I speak these phrases and then say to myself “but actually you are these things” However I am working through them.

I am wondering how to reconcile these points. To affirm the truth that I am still a mind consciousness system at the moment but not to give my power as myself as “who i really am” to it. You see this “who I really am” seems like a future version of myself when i am no longer of mind. Actually, I “really am” a mind consciousness system still so why would i say I’m not! You see where I’m at. Still separating myself from my mind, not seeing it as one with me, believing that i must separate my mind from who i really am. Maybe I am supposed to stop my mind but not separate it from who I am as oneness. But that seems pointless also, like carrying around a big rock that really is just extra weight serving no purpose.

I understand your experience – let’s look at it this way:

First step: Stand within and as oneness and equality as yourself – meaning – standing within and as oneness and equality as you as a mind consciousness system – no separation ‘from’ the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions, systems – because in this moment – it’s who you are and what you are – thus – you’re ‘allocating’ yourself – your ‘finding’ your ‘allocation’ as a mind consciousness system within and as the unified consciousness field. Standing within and as oneness and equality as what you are and who you are in this moment.

Second Step: You know – (knowledge) that you are not a mind consciousness system -meaning that ‘who you really are’ is not a mind consciousness system – you know (knowledge) who you really are, is life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal. Now – you as a mind consciousness system – must birth yourself from system – to/as life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal.

Now – to place this knowledge of who you are in practical application – the process of living who you are as life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal – the ‘tools’ are given: Self honesty, self-forgiveness, self-statements, self-corrective application and breathing – living the tools as you to assist and support you within your process of birthing yourself as life from the physical from a mind consciousness system as what and who you are currently in this moment.

Third Step: With you standing within and as oneness and equality as yourself as a mind consciousness system – together with these tools – in placing the knowledge into application of who you are as life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal – when you make the statement: I am not the mind – this is not done within / of separation – this is then a statement of realization of you – because you know who you really are is not the mind – and you’re currently within this process of realizing yourself as who you really are as life within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal through practically applying yourself in every moment as every breath.

Because the statement: ‘I am not the mind’ is a directive statement, you as a mind consciousness system making the statement that this is not who you really are – when standing / as standing within and as oneness and equality as the entirety of you as a mind consciousness system – no separation – here you have the ability to direct yourself effectively within and as your process of realising you as life – if in separation – that which you stand within and as separation of – will direct / control you -then – no movement/self-direction possible.
Thus – all that is required is:

1. Self-honesty in every moment when you see a thought, feeling and emotion arise within you – to immediately apply self-forgiveness

2. Self-forgiveness

3. Self-corrective application

4. Breathing

The process of stopping the mind is placed within the Structural Resonance documents – apply and live the 4 points in every moment of you – so you may live and experience the realisation of who you are of oneness and equality – WITH NO MIND.

First step: Stop the mind – you’ll only know who you are/experience who you are/live who you are/understand who you are/speak who you are – when the mind stops.




Day 117: Self sabotaging Self Forgiveness



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