I studied physical fitness at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. I worked in a gym. I had free access to the equipments in the gym, so i used dumbells, treadmills etc. when i worked out. I also did body measurements, stretches and cardiovascular exercises. When i was not in the gym i taught yoga and meditation classes.

My interest in fitness was mostly prompted by my desire to be fit which i linked to the belief that if i did all those, i will “feel good and look good”. This desire to feel good and look good is based from that belief. I defined who i was by those feelings. After some time, i ended up manifesting what i believed.

When i did my workout 5x a week, i looked good and felt good”. The only problem was how to keep up with my “ideal”. I restricted my diet to eat only organic foods because i want to “look good and feel good”. I subscribed to a home delivery business so i will be able to live up to my diet. I also sold vitamin supplements to increase my income and keep up with vitamins supply that will make me “look good and feel good”.

When i migrated to the US, i changed my career path. Instead of being cooked vegetarian, i tried the raw food diet- which to me was an evolution towards “wellness” – not realizing that the starting point of “wanting to be well is -believing i am not feeling well”. Further on, i tried breatharianism. It was my way of making myself evolve as the personality – a form of self-manipulation – you can see this within my food mind construct.

After recovering from cancer – i saw the possibility of living eternally. After i stood face to face with death – in my brush with cancer – and after doing self-forgiveness for things that i accepted and allowed- i saw that my limited personality/EGO  is not real – that i just created it by defining myself the way i did – as i perceived myself separate from all life.

I am presently – stopping – changing- and birthing me here as SELF as LIFE.
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