I was 29 years vegetarian. I became vegetarian after i attended a vegetarian lunch when i was in college. Someone said that it was a healthy way of eating and because I had dizzy spells with a corresponding pain in my heart in the past – i believed that. I used to be dizzy and lose consciousness when i was inside a church during my high school days. The specialist cannot diagnose what’s going on with me. He said there’s nothing wrong with my heart. When i came across this vegetarian group, I believed what they said because i heard the doctors say “eat vegetables and you will be healthy” – i of course did not know that that believing that, i am accepting that as my truth. I believed that being vegetarian will solve my health issues – dizzy spells and heart pains. When i studied the SRAT course and did my mind construct i found out that these health issues came from fear of being sick.

One day i decided to go vegetarian. After about a year, the dizzy spells and heart pain went. I attributed it to the vegetarian diet. I did not know that since i believed my belief – i can manifest that belief as if it’s real.

When i went to Australia, i took fitness instruction at Victoria University in Melbourne. I also took weight management at T.A.F.E. College in Melbourne.I gave private Yoga and Meditation classes in Melbourne at night. I was at that time investigating all parts of life. Touch for Health made me realize that i could work with the body and the thoughts, emotions and feelings – mind. I took Kinesiology at the Australian Kinesiology Academy and Oriental Medicine at Health Schools Intl. I was a member of VICFIT and the Traditional Medicine Society.

I had 4th stage breast cancer in 2008. I refused Chemotherapy and Radiation.

During that time i used self-forgiveness to stop me as the personality/ego self – changing and birthing me here as – Self as LIFE.


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