3 Ingredients Smoothie

Oct. 22, 2011





2 bananas, flesh of 1 small avocado, 2 c apple juice (no sugar)

I bought 3 kinds of fruit from the grocery the day before , bananas, avocado and peach. Yesterday, i made a banana peach smoothie so i saw the bananas and one avocado on top of the counter when i woke up this morning. I opened the fridge and saw the apple juice that L bought – still unopened for 3-4 days. I took the juice out of the fridge. I then peeled 1 banana and then peeled and removed the seed of the avocado. I set it aside

I removed the top of the blender and put 2 peeled banana in and the small avocado which i peeled and then i put 2 c apple juice.  It tasted good. So i poured some in a glass. I drank it while doing my blog about life coaching. The blog was not finished when i got up and moved away from the computer but the glass was empty – i finished the smoothie.

I looked at the amount of smoothie left over and i saw that i still have 2 glasses more of smoothie left, so i put it inside the fridge for future use. Enjoy.


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