Raw Bread No Nuts

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To Get The Recipe for the Carrot Flax Bread, Click On the Link Below:

Raw Carrot Flax Bread


This can be tweaked to make different flavored breads


*Step by Step Instructions with Pictures Included

*Pictures of all the ingredients included

* Electrical equipments you would need, will be  a dehydrator and a food processor

* You can also bake the bread in the oven at the lowest setting – 200 degrees F until done 

Increasing the amount of flax seeds from 1 cup to 1 and 1/4 cups can help in lessen the dehydration time


For raw food selections, meals and raw sweets with no added sugar, go to:



*Please email me at foodandnutritionjuneroca@gmail.com after you get the recipe and let me know if you have a suggestion etc.


For 1 month to 2 months Free Health Coaching, click on the link:




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