The Sheep


‘.. I’d like to bring one into within this interview is how it is thus within human being’s dependency on the external to maintain that energy physical mind physical relationship is that that caused  in the very fabric structural design of your physical body an exceptional amount of flaws – of deteriorations and weaknesses which is why humans throughout human civilization in fact really struggled physically to adapt and to evolve with this physical existence and require that external imprints of medications as encodings as symbols that was required to be constructed through the medications to patch up the flaws, the weaknesses, the impairments within the very physical body design structure and manifestation  whereas with us animals we naturally evolved and adapted with this physical existence but even us, the physical impairments, the flaws the deterioration  was so consequential …’

Interview with the Sheep – by Sunette Spies

Psychic Animals – The Sheep – Part 2 MP3


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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