2 comments on “2012 RICE : Good and Bad: Eating Rice is Bad, No Rice in My Diet is Good

  1. Hey June Roca,
    I’ve been studying the raw vegan 80/10/10 diet for a couple months now.. and I have had a lot of resistance to eating cooked food.. seeing it as less then my standards for what’s best for my body.. Are these beliefs limiting me as my body to function according to my fears? Maybe to face what I’ve accepted and allowed? It seems like my beliefs on eating etc. are getting out of control, and unreasonably difficult to follow. What do you find to be true for you? After releasing certain fears on food and eating do you notice any changes? What works best for you personally?
    Best Regards ~


    • Hi Genevieve,

      I found out the body is communicating to me “more” clearly what food will assist itself and what will not. Before, it was just self-manipulation being interpreted by me as the body communicating to me what it needs.



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