My Characters and Personality Suites

The Characters within an Illusion of Evolution searching for the ‘moreness of me’

Stepping Out of Character

Birthing  Who I am  HERE as Breath In A Body Walking As  An Equal To All That Exist 


Using Self-Forgiveness and Self-Correction

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My Story




This ‘character-creation’ of ourselves originated from and of the moment we as substance separated ourselves into and as an innumerable amounts of manifested-singularities, where substance took on the character of “There Must be MORE than ME, there must be MORE than ME as HERE”.  And so within the creation/manifestation of that character from and of itself – Substance accordingly manifested/created the embodiments/manifestations of that character from, within and as itself that manifested as the MORE of itself as all the manifested/accumulated manifested-singularities into and as which it separated itself creating/manifesting the Illusion of MORE. And so separated itself from HERE into and as the accumulation of and as Energies from the negative, to the neutral and to the positive the MORE it separated itself from itself as HERE.

Thus, this Illusion of MORENESS manifested the MORE it separated itself from Itself and HERE. And so, substance as ourselves created/manifested our/its first Character embodiments/manifestations


All of us are walking around like zombies – following the thoughts in our minds and putting on the suites of the characters as our minds guide us to the next suite to wear and the next and the next. Yet all this time we are trapped within and as our mind were we are trying to live out the thoughts as characters that come up within and as ourselves. We fight for the survival of our characters as ‘it is mine’, ‘it is who I know myself as’ and ‘nothing you can say or do will change that’ is the backchat that arises when the suite as characters are challenged within and as self.

We have moments of opportunities to dent our characters to allow ourselves and another as ourselves to stop living as characters and to allow ourselves to take a breathand be here within and as the moment that is here.